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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 48: The Cape of No Return

Episode 48: The Cape of No return

The dice rolls decides that Shishiwakemaru fights whoever team Urameshi chooses. They then play rock, paper, scissors. Kuwabara wins and must fight Shishiwakemaru. This was a fast fight. Shishiwakemaru flips his cape of no return and Kuwabara is gone. He finds Keiko, Yukina, Botan, and his sister and begins walking back to the stadium. Then team Uraotogi's leader rolls the dice and it says the masked fighter must fight. Hiei decides to take her place since she isn't there, but when he is about to she appears. Then Hiei says that that isn't her because she is now much weaker. Kurama says it smells like her, just older.

Shishiwakemaru immediately cuts her mask and proves that there is an imposter. The tournament committee investigates and decides that there is no cheating. Toguro than explains that both people are Genkai, just now is much weaker. He explains that she had given away her powers. Shishiwakemaru decides that this is his chance to get his name known.

- Eric Munoz

The dice are rolled and Team Urameshi gets to choose who will fight Shishiwakemaru. They play rock paper scissors, and Kuwabara states he can't be beaten in that. He wins, but Hiei insists that he cheated because he put his hand out less than a split second after he and Kurama. Kuwabara says that that there was no way to know and Hiei says he can see, and his Jagan Eye glows. Kuwabara wins anyway and goes to fight. The match doesn't take long because Shishiwakemaru pulls out his item, The Cape of No Return. It is supposed to take Kuwabara to another dimension, but he ends up at the old arena, where he meets Botan, Kayko, Yukina, and Shizuru, who got lost on the way to the new stadium. The dice gets rolled again, and the Masked Fighter is supposed to fight Shishiwakemaru, but she/he is not there. (At this time only Yusuke knows that it is definitely Genkai). Hiei is about to fight, (Because he said he would fight for anyone who is not there), but the masked fighter shows up. Hiei thinks its a different person because of the power difference, (She gave her power to Yusuke), but Kurama tells him they smell the same. Shishiwakemaru cuts off the mask and reveals an old lady. Sissy complains that it is not the same fighter that fought in the Urameshi VS Itchigaki match, and that Team Urameshi can't use their sub unless the fighter that is being replaced is dead. There is no proof of this, so the Tournament Committee prepares another call. But then Toguro comes and explains that when a person channels all of their Spirit Energy, they revert back to the time when they were strongest. Then Toguro says that this is the same fighter, only weaker. He then says its Genkai.

Shishiwakemaru gets all happy and arrogant because he wanted fame from winning the Dark Tournament, but now he had a chance to get fame by killing Genkai. He thinks there is an advantage because Genkai is much weaker than him now. The episode ends there.

- Wielder of The Jagan (Matt)



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