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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 46: Many Faces, Many Forms

Episode 46: Many Faces, Many Forms

Kuro has just used his second beast armor. The armor of the Phoenix He now seems like a deformed chicken. When he attacks Hiei, Hiei uses the Double Fist of the Mortal Flame on him. Kuro looks injured, but is just faking. He then attacks Hiei. When Hiei gets up he uses the third beast armor, the armor of the Wolf.

Meanwhile Yusuke is rolling around on the floor. Genkai is blaming herself for thinking that he was ready for the Spirit Wave.

Kuro attacks Hiei with two slashes and catches him in the chest with one of them. Hiei then picks up his broken sword. Kuro runs at him and tries to sink his teeth into him. Hiei uses his broken sword and does the Sword of the Darkness Flame straight through him. Kuro is dead before he can bite Hiei. Kurama explains that Hiei put his Darkness Flame into the sword instead of unleashing it with his arm.

Then when they roll the dice Kurama is next. He is tricked by Uraurashima and decides to help him fake death. Kurama is then tied up and the whole arena is surrounded by fishing lines. Uraurashima releases a special smoke which makes the opponent turn younger, but it backfires and Kurama turns into Youko.

- Eric Munoz

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