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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 45: Hiei Battles On

Episode 45: Hiei Battles On

The next people fighting are Kuro Momotaro and any one else on Yusuke's team. Meanwhile Yusuke is still struggling with Genkai's test. Genkai tries to take the orb back since Yusuke is about to die. Just as Genkai is about to put the orb back in her body, Yusuke takes it back and starts to bleed more. Then Keiko, Botan, Shizuru, and Yukina wake up. Meanwhile at the stadium Hiei says that he is going to fight again. Kuro Momotaro makes sure that Hiei can't use the "Dragon of the Darkness Flame" by asking Onji. He says that Hiei can not use it since his arm has not fully recovered. Then Hiei and Kuro Momotaro start the fight. Kuro Momotaro slices himself with Hiei's sword. Then Kuro eats one of his Steaming Sphere and starts to grow hair all over his body so that he can have the Armor of the Ape. Hiei tries to slash Kuro with his sword but his sword breaks. Hiei then charges at Kuro but Kuro appears behind him and tries to hit him but Hiei dodges the hits. Eventually Hiei gets hit and falls out of the ring. Kuro then explains why he was able to fend off Hiei's attacks. Meanwhile the girls are getting out of the hotel and then Keiko remembers that she left Puu in the hotel. Then Keiko gets Puu. Meanwhile at the stadium Hiei takes off his bandana and reveals his jagan eye so that he can do the Dragon of the Darkness Flame but the move can kill Hiei. Then Hiei charges at Kuro. Instead of doing the move that could kill him he does Fist of the Mortal Flame and punches Kuro with it. Kuro still survived the attack and takes one of his Steaming Spheres. Then he has the Armor of the Phoenix.

-Mark Lee

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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