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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 44: Yusuke's Final Test

Episode 44: Yusuke's Final Test

Genkai tells Yusuke that his test is to kill her. Yusuke starts to question Genkai. Genkai tells Yusuke that she will meet him at a cave. When Yusuke is about to go inside the cave, Yusuke starts to think about what Genkai did for him. Meanwhile Kurama and Kuwabara are playing cards. Then Botan, Yukina, Keiko, and Shizuru walk in the room. Keiko asks Kurama where Yusuke is since Puu [the Spirit Beast] is acting funny. Then they all play cards expect Hiei. Meanwhile Yusuke tells Genkai that he can not kill her. Then Yusuke tells her why. Genkai starts to giggle because she is still giving Yusuke the test since Genkai said that she would not give her power to someone who would kill her for more power. Then Genkai explains the test to Yusuke and shows him the source of her power "Spirit Wave Orb. Yusuke has to absorb it but it could also kill him. When Yusuke puts it in his body he starts to have cuts and he starts to bleed. Meanwhile everyone else is getting ready for the semi-finals. There is also one new referee. Her name is Juri. Koto has been moved to a broadcasting booth. Koenma and Blue Ogre complain that the new stadium is bad. Yusuke's team is outnumbered since Yusuke and Genkai are not there. Meanwhile Yusuke is struggling on Genkai's test. Then the two teams decide how the pairings will be by rolling a die. Hiei is fighting first against Makintaro. Hiei beats Makintaro easily by putting his sword through his skull.

-Mark Lee

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