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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 43: The Masked Fighter Revealed

Episode 43: The Masked Fighter Revealed

After Yusuke and Kayko are done talking to each other, Botan tells Yusuke that his egg is about to hatch. Then Koenma appears behind them and startles them. Yusuke's  egg has gotten bigger over the year. Then the egg hatches. At first they don't see the Spirit Beast until it goes on Yusuke's head. The Spirit Beast is a bird with long ears. Koenma and Botan start to taunt Yusuke. Yusuke hits Botan on the head. When the others get to see it they all laugh. Kuwabara is the only one to taunt Yusuke. Yusuke hits Kuwabara on the head. Then they all leave. The next morning Team Uraotogi beats Team Gokki Six easily. They are going to fight Yusuke's team tomorrow. Then they see Toguro's team. Then Yusuke's team gets a look at who they fight. Then the Masked Fighter starts to give Yusuke a lecture. Then Yusuke starts to fight with the Masked Fighter. Then the Masked Fighter tells Yusuke to go outside with her. Then they go outside. Then the Masked Fighter calls Yusuke a dimwit and she sounds like Genkai. Then the Masked Fighter shows herself to be Genkai. Then she tells Yusuke to shoot a rock. Then Genkai shoots a rock that is like a mountain and in the process Genkai turns into her young self. Then she tells Yusuke that he is going to have one last test.

-Mark Lee

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