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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 42: A Matter of Love and Death

Episode 42: A Matter of Love and Death

Kuwabara starts off by trying to get his Spirit Sword, but he canít. Rishou then starts attacking him.

Outside Shizuru, Keiko, Botan and Yukina are trying to get in. A security guard tells them that their tickets are now void. Shizuru takes it into her own hands and forces her way in.

In the arena Kuwabara is getting beat up by Rishou. Rishou then charges up. Rocks form all over his body. He then continues the attack on Kuwabara.

Meanwhile the girls are trapped by security. Yukina gets scared and runs to the arena. Sakyo comes and helps the rest of them. Kuwabara telepathically starts saying his good-byes. After getting hit again he remembers Yukina. He desperately hopes for a chance to say farewell to her, when he suddenly spots her in the stands. He pushes Rishou away and runs to Yukina. When Rishou goes to attack him he has a new found strength and is able to use his Spirit Sword. With one strike he finishes off Risho. He makes it back to the ring just before the ten count.

After the fight Yukina heals Kuwabara. He tells her that he won the match because of her, but she thinks heís joking. Yusuke and Keiko start arguing, while Botan watches and laughs.

- Eric Munoz

Kuwabara is now fighting Risho. Kuwabara starts to charge at Risho and Kuwabara starts to get his Spirit Sword ready but as Kuwabara is about to slash Risho, Kuwabara's sword disappears. Risho kicks Kuwabara in the back. Then Botan Yukina Kayko and Shizuru are a having a little problem getting in the stadium. Then Kuwabara is getting beat up by Risho. Risho tells that Kuwabara that the reason he can not use his Spirit Sword is because Kuwabara's Spirit Energy is keeping him alive. Then Risho kicks Kuwabara in the back. Then Toguro kills the owner of Team Masho, Butajiri. Risho then does what he is a master of. He is a master of earth. Then he makes his Armor of Clay for [of course] armor. It also can be used as a weapon. Then Risho smashes himself into Kuwabara. Kuwabara gets hurt but Risho does not get hurt. Meanwhile Yukina Botan Kayko and Shizuru are still trying to get to the place where Kuwabara is fighting. With the help of Toguro [that's right Toguro] they managed to get in the place. Meanwhile Kuwabara is having a hard time fighting Risho. Koenma says that Kuwabara is using his life energy to keep him alive like what Yusuke did in a previous case. Then Risho tries to kill Kuwabara by smashing into him again but Kuwabara managed to push him away because he saw Yukina. Kuwabara then got his Spirit Sword in time to defeat Risho. Then Kuwabara and Yukina started to talk at sunset and Yukina healed him. Yusuke and Kayko were in another fight.

- Yusuke Ukimura 900

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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