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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 41: Reverse Decisions

Episode 41: Reverse Decisions

Jin comes at Jin with his Double Tornado Fist. Yusuke decides that his only choice is to use the new move he learned. Yusuke blocks one fist with an arm and the other fist with a leg. With his remaining arm he hits Jin with a Spirit Wave. This attack had him concentrate all of his spirit energy into his fist.

After the fight the committee decides that Yusuke also lost. They say that the counting was too slow so the catch is called a draw. This leaves Kuwabara and Kurama as the only eligible fighters. But with Kurama barely conscious and Kuwabara barely able to move there isnít much hope. Hiei and Yusuke decide itís time to cheat. Hiei and Yusuke. Hiei has recovered all his energy from the power barrier keeping him and Genkai in the tent.

Kuwabara then stands up and says he will fight. He still hasnít recovered and shows little chance of putting up a fight against Mashoís leader. But since he is there only hope, they let him fight.

Meanwhile Botan and Keiko find Yukina outside. She is there searching for her brother (Hiei is her brother).

- Eric Munoz

As Yusuke versus Jin, Yusuke prepares to do the Spirit Wave. Blue Ogre tries to pull Koenma's pacifier out because Koenma's sucking noises are getting annoying. Koenma always keeps spare ones in his mouth so he could still have a pacifier. Then Jin flies down to attack Yusuke with his Tornado Fists. Yusuke blocks Jin's first Tornado Fist with his hand and the second with his leg. Then Yusuke does the Spirit Wave on Jin. He goes flying in the air and Jin could not even use his wind powers to break his fall. Jin then stayed out of the ring for more then ten seconds since he was knocked out. Then Yukina is outside of the stadium looking for a ticket booth. Just as Yusuke was about to fight Team Masho's leader, Risho the Tournament Committee says that Koto delayed Yusuke's first ring out and therefore Yusuke can't fight. The owner of Team Masho actually set this up so that his team could win. Then Touya said that this is going too far since one of their teammates gave their life up so that they could win. Risho just hits Touya in the chest. Risho starts to threaten Koto that she will not be announcer any more if she doesn't make his team the winner. Yusuke starts to defend Koto. Hiei thinks that Yusuke shouldn't follow the stadium's rules. Yusuke thinks that he should kill every freak in the stadium. Shizuru spots Yukina after she went to the bushes to pee. Shizuru tells Kayko to find Botan. Shizuru starts to introduce herself to Yukina. Just as Koto is about to make Team Masho the winner, Kuwabara steps in to save his team from losing even though he is weak. Then Kayko returns to Shizuru and she brought Botan. Yukina explains why she came here. Yukina also found out that she has a brother but she does not know who he is. Then Yukina sees Kuwabara fighting on the screen the stadium has outside. Shizuru starts to beat up a few demons so that Yukina can have a good few of the screen. Then Koto begins the fight. The team's fate lies in the hand of the injured Kuwabara.

- Mark Lee

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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