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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 40: Jin, the Wind Master

Episode 40: Jin, the Wind Master

Jin comes down to start the fight. Jin attacks Yuske with a Tornado Fist, but Yuske dodges it. When he dodges it, it still is able to blow him away into the wall. He has to quickly run again because Jin goes to attack again. After dodging Jinís attacks he finally lands a hit on him. Heís able to hit Jin for a while, but then Jin flies off into the sky to recover. While he is resting Yuske shoots a Spirit Gun at him. Jin uses the wind around him to block the attack.

Jin then goes back on the offensive with another Tornado Fist. He goes straight at Yuske. Yuske then shoots a Spirit Gun at point blank range. There is a big explosion and the whole crowd thinks both are dead. They then find Yuske on the ground and Jin in the sky. Hiei explains that Jin saw it and turned his Tornado Fist upward, which kept them both from being killed. Jin stays in the sky and gets a Double Tornado Fist ready.

- Eric Munoz

As Jin flies down to fight Yusuke, Jin punches Yusuke in the face but Yusuke then attempts to kick Jin but Yusuke misses Jin. Yusuke falls on the ground. Then he gets up. Then the audience yells "Kill Yusuke". Then Blue Ogre says that Jin is a cheater  because he flies but Koenma tells him that Jin uses his energy to fly. Jin starts to make his arms twirl. Then a miniature twister forms around Jin's arm. It's his Tornado Fist's. Yusuke dodges the Tornado Fist's but he goes flying to the wall. Yusuke manages to cling on the wall but Jin charges at Yusuke so he can punch him. Yusuke dodges the Tornado Fist's but the audience gets hurt when Jin punches the wall. Then Yusuke starts punching Jin but he blocks them. Then Yusuke punches Jin but Jin flies into the air. Yusuke shoots Jin with the Spirit Gun but Jin deflects the shot by using wind. Jin starts to taunt Yusuke and he gets mad. Then Jin starts to get the Tornado Fist's ready. When
Jim is about to punch Yusuke he shoots the Spirit Gun into the Tornado Fists so that a explosion surrounds them both. Then Yusuke and Jin are still alive because Jin saw Yusuke's plan at the last second and pointed his fist up so that the explosion went upward [most of it]. Then Yusuke jumps in the ring. Jin prepares two Tornado Fist's. Then Yusuke starts to prepare to do the Spirit Wave.

-Mark Lee

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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