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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 39: Crushing Revenge

Episode 39: Crushing Revenge

Bakken still pummeling Kurama decides to finish him off. Right when he’s going to punch Kurama his partner, Jin, tells him to stop. He explains that had he hit Kurama he would’ve been killed too. In the background Yusuke is ready to shoot a Spirit Gun right at him. Bakken throws Kurama out of the ring to finally end the fight.

Yusuke immediately jumps into the ring. Bakken hits him a few times, but then Yusuke just laughs at the attack. Then Bakken starts to sweat this fills the whole arena and causes a fog, which doesn’t allow Yusuke to see. Bakken begins to attack him. Yusuke outsmarts him by shooting a Spirit Gun into the wall to break a hole for the fog to escape through. He then begins to take revenge for Kurama. He gives Bakken a chance to beg for forgiveness, but he attacks Yusuke instead. Yusuke ends the match by hitting him into the wall.

Next up is Jin. He walks in and begins to joke with Yusuke. Yusuke can’t believe he found a friend in a person he has to fight. Jin then flies into the sky, to enjoy the view of the area. After a moment they call Jin down to finally start the fight.

- Eric Munoz

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