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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 38: Kurama's Stand

Episode 38: Kurama’s Stand

When Gama goes to attack Kurama uses his rose whip through his hair. He slices Gama, but his blood smears on Kurama. Gama then explains that his makeup is made using his blood and on an opponent it seals their spirit energy inside them.

Kurama must then face Touya. Touya immediately makes a blanket of ice through the whole arena. Kurama tries to stall Touya by talking to him. Touya makes a blanket of ice through the whole arena. Touya explains that they want to win the tournament to get a new home. Touya stops the conversation and attacks. He uses his Shards of Winter attack from afar. Right when they’re about to hit Kurama the chains of makeup wear off. He narrowly dodges being killed by them.

Kurama then continues to dodge these attacks, until he notices that his blood is starting to smear the makeup. Kurama then starts letting some of the shards hit him, but makes sure not to let any hit him near a vital area. At this point Touya decides he needs to finish the fight. Touya makes an Ice Sword on his arm and goes to attack Kurama. Kurama stumbles giving Touya a chance to go for the kill. Kurama then attacks him with a plant he put into his body. This defeats Touya, but it also knocks him unconscious.

The tournament committee decides that because Kurama is still in the ring he still wants to keep fighting. Yusuke argues to no avail. The next fighter, Bakken, immediately begins to pummel Kurama. Yusuke tells him to just let him fall, but he refuses to finish the fight.

- Eric Munoz

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