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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 34: Percentage of Victory

Episode 34: Percentage of Victory

The battle begins between the Dr. Ichigaki Team and the Urameshi Team. Since the other two members of the Urameshi Team, Kurama and Hiei, haven't shown up yet, the doctor suggests a 3-on-3 battle. . .it seems his other two haven't shown up either. Yusuke accepts, and he, Kuwabara, and the masked fighter step up to the challenge.

Meanwhile, Kuwabara and Hiei are on their way to the ring, when they are sidetracked by two men, one who looks like a panther/jaguar and the other, resembling a python. The python rushes them, and is quickly disposed of by the two. The other, however, is more resourceful, and calls on a huge robot, built by the doctor himself, that is mostly robot, and a little demon, that
knows no pain, to take care of the two fighters.

Back in the ring, Yusuke and Kuwabara are having a tough time against the three fighters. They each like to rush one person all at once, using devastating moves to deter them from attacking. The masked fighter gets a few good hits in, but it's nothing to subdue the three. Dr. Ichigaki begins to calculate the Urameshi Team's percentage of victory, at it eventually comes to a 99.95% chance of them losing. . .which means a .05% of a win. He cackles at the thought, and watches the battle with relish.

In the forest, Hiei and Kurama are busy avoiding the robot's ever-stretching spiked arms. Hiei tries whacking it with his sword, but it's to no avail, and he's quickly cornered against a tree by the robot's claw. Kurama quickly comes and intervenes, rescuing Hiei and causing the two claws to smash into each other. He finishes off the job with his Rose Whip, easily slashing the vital circuits to the robot. He informs the tiger-man that not being able to feel pain is truly a weakness, since it neglects to tell a creature about not exposing its vital points for an attack.

Meanwhile, Kuwabara gets some strange visions from the opposing team. It seems, before they were employed by Ichigaki, the three fighters were students under a strong fighting master. He received strange illness one day, however, which stunted their training. That's when the Dr. Ichigaki appeared, with a proposal. He would cure their master's illness, if those three fighters would become his test subjects for a bit. It seemed he regretted to tell them that they would be his test subjects for the rest of their life, and be forced to kill. With mindless drones as their opponents, it's looking bleak for the Urameshi Team.

- Raiun Juuryoku

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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