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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 32: Knife Edge Death Match

Episode 32: Knife Edge Death Match

Yusuke and Chu are both exhausted and have no spirit energy left. They decide to finish the fight using the knife’s edge fighting. Chu sets up two daggers in the ring which are their boundaries. They will finish the fight using just physical attacks and brute strength. Both fighters land hits on each other, but there seems to be no one with an advantage. Both continue to land hard punches on each other.

Keiko gets tired of seeing the fighting and decides to stop it. She runs off and Shizuru chases after her. Shizuru loses her and ends up with demons chasing her. Sakyo helps her outs and takes her out of trouble. When he leaves it seems that Shizuru has taken a liking to Sakyo. Meanwhile, Keiko has made it to ringside, but Kuwabara tells her that Yusuke wants to fight to prove himself.

Both men desperate to win decide to use one final attack. They both go for head butts. After a moment Chu goes down. After the ten count Yusuke is the winner by knockout. Team Yurameshi now is advancing to the second round of the tournament.

- Eric Munoz

Yusuke agrees to the death match. Chuu gets two knives and puts them in the tournament ring. Yusuke and Chuu each put one foot against a knife. Kuwabara wishes for a fight like this saying it's a fight for men. Yusuke and Chuu continue punching each other as Kuwabara explains the fight saying the people need endurance and strength to even have a chance. As it seems Yusuke is losing, Yusuke punches Chuu and he falls. Yusuke wins the death match. Chuu tells Yusuke to finish him off. Yusuke shows mercy by not killing Chuu. All the demons in the crowd start booing Yusuke. Yusuke starts yelling back at the crowd saying he will kill them all.
- zelldincht
Without Victory, there is no survival...


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