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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 31: Stumbling Warrior

Episode 31: Stumbling Warrior

Yusuke is finally awake and must face Chu. Yusuke attacks first, but Chu avoids it. Chu starts to wobble around the ring, confusing Yusuke. He then uses his strange technique to attack Yusuke and hits Yusuke. Then Yusuke attacks, but Chu is able to dodge all of the punches. Yusuke gets angry and starts attacking Chu. He begins to get some punches on Chu, but Chu also hits Yusuke.

Chu then gets another attack on Yusuke. Yusuke kicks him off and shoots a Spirit Gun at him. Chu decides to fight back with his own spirit energy. He fires a huge ball of energy at Yusuke and hits him. He shoots another one at him, but Yusuke counters by shooting a Spirit Gun. It goes through the ball and hits Chu. Both men are knocked down, but both are still able to fight. Both men then are gasping for air and see that they have no spirit energy left.

- Eric Munoz

Yusuke and Chu were ready to fight and finish the team battle. Botan didn't really think Chu was a fighter because he seemed pretty clumsy. Chu showed off his impressive speed and tackled Yusuke threw a wall. But Yusuke got back up and fired his spirite gun at the air to show its power. Yusuke showed that he could only use his spirit gun once a day but now he can use it 4 times a day. He already wasted on ebullet so now he could only use 3. Chu had an energy attack with the same power as Yusuke's gun. Rinku said that Chu once saved him from a bunch of bullies with this attack and that it's over for Yusuke. Yusuke used his gun to intercept the attack, now he only he had 2 bullets left. Chu then fired a big energy attack that Yusuke was able to counter with his last two bullets. Both fighters got hit from the separate attacks and decided that since they were both out of energy, they would only use physical attacks for the time being. The fight continues.

- Jason Mossburg

Koto is very surprised by the extreme noise that the crowd is making. She thinks to herself, she could say horrible things about the fight and no one would even hear her.

Chu finally begins to sober up and the others begin to worry that this will not be an easy fight for Yusuke. Chu says to Yusuke that he doesn't even think Yusuke's good at all, he says he's just a scared kid who gets lucky.

Koenma thinks this is going to be a tough fight to get through. He wonders if Yusuke has what it takes because no one has seen the result of his recent training with Genkai. He just hopes for Yusuke's sake that he learned the Spirit Wave.

Chu begins to build up an amazing purple aura. He starts stumbling around very swiftly, making it very hard to hit him. Rinku is very relieved that Chu has started to act serious. Hiei is pretty concerned because of the difficulty of hitting Chu. Koto can't believe that this is happening in such an early fight.

Chu punches Yusuke what appears to be once in the stomach. Hiei remarks that Chu hit him five times, very impressive. Chu now hits the airborne Yusuke hard into the ground. Koto wants to check out the "amazing" replay of Yusuke's beating. Now everyone else in the audience has discovered that Chu hit Yusuke five times in the stomach. This makes the crowd go wild with excitement. Kuwabara and Botan wonder why Yusuke isn't fighting back but Kurama says that Yusuke isn't necessarily not fighting back.

Chu asks Yusuke it that hurt. Yusuke gets up very quickly and yells of course not! Now it is Yusuke who resumes the offense by attempting to punch Chu, Chu is too quick and dodges too well though. Kuwabara tells Yusuke to use his feet or his elbows or something. This makes Yusuke mad and he starts punching Chu even faster, finally landing a punch in Chu's face. Chu gets up quickly and kicks Yusuke hard in the stomach, making Yusuke fly into the wall of the arena. Chu asks Koto for help again and he tells her he needs another one. Koto translates by saying Chu needs a little bit more time to let the alcohol in his body settle so he can get the full effect of his drunken fighting.

Chu starts hugging Koto very fiercely asking what are the chances of us getting together later. Koto responds very quickly by saying slim and none.

A demon fan in the audience yells, "Hey lovebirds, the brat's down. Start the count!" Koto yells at the man and replies that she was just checking on Chu to see if he was fit to fight. Koto finally starts the count and on 9 Yusuke gets up, revealing that he used the "see it coming and block with the shoulder" technique as Kuwabara puts it at least. Yusuke and Chu both admit that they like the life and death situation making Yusuke say, "Well drunkee, at least we have something in common."

Yusuke powers up a Spirit Gun and purposefully aims at the ceiling to show Chu his technique. Yusuke then says he's got three more of them left and that one would probably be enough to kill him. Chu gets stomach pains and remarks that the alcohol he drank earlier wants to say hello again.

Chu now pulls out a canister of the strongest kind of alcohol made, Ogre Killer. It was said that one sip could land you in jail the next morning in the arms of a hairy demon that you don't want to know. Chu chugs the whole darn thing!

Chu's new power eclipses the whole stadium. His muscles then bulk up swiftly leaving the Urameshi team worried. Chu then goes to the side of the ring and throws up and everyone falls over, anime style.

Rinku says that throwing up is not Chu's secret technique but the technique is the form that it brings out in Chu. Rinku flashes back to when he was getting beat up by a group of twenty demons. Chu takes a swallow of the Ogre Killer and beats the whole gang up in one blow.

Chu has just now turned into a darker skinned form of himself only he seems much more powerful. Chu builds up an orange energy ball that has alcohol mixed in with it. Kurama says it equals Yusuke's Spirit Gun in power. The two challenge their powers by blasting them at each other but it ends up in a draw. Then the two start to pound each other with blood gushing out. They don't even bother to block each others blows! Chu now hits the Spirit Detective hard making him land off balance.

Chu now builds up what seems to be a double energy blast and he hurls it at Yusuke. Everyone fears for Yusuke but Yusuke fires a Double Spirit Gun. The blasts are powerful enough to make it through Chu's blast but Chu's blast continues toward its target. A big flash occurs and they are both gone! It appears that they both jumped up in time, losing their shirts in the process. Chu and Yusuke are both wasted of their Spirit Energy. They start laughing at their helplessness. The others know that the fighters are on their last legs.

Chu reveals he knows a way to finish the fight for good. Yusuke says he's all ears.

 - MysticGohan763


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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