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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 30: Dragon of the Darkness Flame

Episode 30: Dragon of the Darkness Flame

The announcer says that the first round of the tournament team Rokyukai and team Urameshi have 1 win each. Their supposed leader Zeru comes out and with Yusuke asleep (he is exhausted from his training with Genkai) Hiei volunteers to fight. Zeru uses fire attacks that seem to kill Hiei but they just burn some of his clothes. Hiei then says it is all over and uses his most powerful attack the dragon of darkness flame. He says he will only use his right hand to control it. The attack goes and hits Zeru. Zeru's body ends up being a pile of ashes on the stadium wall. 2 Rokuyaki members try to run but they are killed by Chuu. Chuu turns out to be the true captain of the team. Yusuke wakes up and says he will fight Chuu.

- Robert Surges Jr.

The episode starts by Zeru stepping up to the ring. Everyone is confused that team Rokuykai's leader is already fighting. Hiei explains Zeru is fighting anger so Hiei step's in the ring. Hiei then tells Zeru about the breaking cup and says you have your have flaw. This gets Zeru mad and Zeru says as do you, you use that fake eye. The match begins and Zeru start's to try to hit Hiei but misses.
Zeru starts to power up and punches Hiei though his stomach and does some energy attacks. The fox girl say's whoa Zeru you never told us you can be so savage. Hiei then stands back up and says yes he's so talented I'm reluctant to make the kill. Zeru says how he survived and Hiei shows his jagon eye. Hiei starts to power up for the dragon. 
       Hiei  uses the dragon of the darkness flame and kills Zeru. Two people run away and get killed. Then a drunk comes in and Yusuke wakes up and starts to fight the  real leader of team Rokuykai.

- Ssj2gohan4064


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