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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 29: Flowers of Blood

Episode 29: Yusuke's Sacrifice

Rinku repetitively smashes Kuwabara into the arena floor. Hiei begins to doubt Kuwabara and his training but Kurama reassures Hiei that Kuwabara still has a few aces up his sleeve. Rinku begins to feel lazy and thinks of an idea to finish Kuwabara off without lifting a finger, he summons up his spirit energy and cycles it throughout his Serpent Yo-Yo's lifting Kuwabara off the ground and into the sky. Shizuru doesn't seem to worry one bit for her brother's safety while Kayko yells at Yusuke to wake up and help Kuwabara. Koenma tells Ogre to help the girls and make sure they stay safe. Ogre asks why doesn't Koenma do the same thing and Koenma said that he is the owner of the team and he has to watch the fights. A large, oafish demon then appears in front of Kayko and says Yusuke's finished. Kayko tells the demon otherwise, saying that Yusuke has beaten creatures 100 times stronger than his. The large demon charges Kayko and Kayko pretty much cowers while Shizuru sticks her lit cigarette on the demon's tongue. Koto tells Rinku to ask the fans what they want. He does and they said that they want to see Kuwabara drop. Rinku says he has to do what the fans want and pulls the yo-yo's down. The yo-yo's do release from Kuwabara though, allowing him to use his hands. Kuwabara summons his Spirit Sword to grow and he uses the sword as a backward bungee cord, breaking his fall. He hurls himself toward Rinku through the air and Rinku prepares to throw his Serpent Yo-Yo's at Kuwabara again. Kuwabara pulls out another Spirit Sword and Rinku tells him its useless. Kuwabara has a new trick though and that is the fact that he can make his Spirit Sword bend. Kuwabara has been hit with the yo-yo's and Kuwabara hit Rinku with the Sword and they both land out of the ring. Koto starts the count and at 5 Rinku manages to get up and get back into the ring. Yusuke insults Kuwabara calling him stupid and Kuwabara gets up at the 6 count. He storms over to where Yusuke is supposedly sleeping and he starts yelling at him. Koto gets pretty impatient by the 8 count and Kuwabara starts to get back in the ring. Rinku stops him though because he doesn't want to fight anymore by summoning his yo-yo's again and tying Kuwabara up. Kuwabara can't move and falls back outside the ring. Koto reaches the 10 count and Rinku is pronounced the winner. Rinku does seem to be very hurt though and goes over to a corner to heal himself. Roto of Team Rokuyukai is angry though, because Rinku didn't get the kill. Roto steps into the ring and Kurama anxiously steps up as well. Hiei tells Kurama that their team couldn't afford another loss and to kill his competitor. Botan finally gets down to the ringside and steps in as team trainer. Kuwabara wants her to heal his wounds but Botan is more concerned about Yusuke waking up so she slaps his around a little bit. Back to the fight, Kuwabara wonders how Kurama stores his Rose Whip and Hiei tells him that Kurama keeps a single rose with him and when he must use it, Kurama manipulates the rose into becoming the Rose Whip. Roto makes a sword out of his hand and starts slicing at Kurama. Kurama easily dodges the strikes until Roto calls him Suichi, Kurama's human name. Roto pulls out a button saying that one press of the button will signal his demon brother who has been stalking Kurama's human mother to kill her. Roto starts punching Kurama in the face while Kurama throws a pebble at Roto's face. Roto gets angered and tells Kurama to fold his hands behind his back. Roto kicks Kurama in the stomach and begins to punch him. Roto once again unleashes his sword and cuts Kurama's face. Roto now wants Kurama to lick the scum off his boot and tells him after that he will kill him and spare his mother. Kurama disagrees and tells Roto to press the button. Just as he is about to, Kurama paralyzes Roto and snatches the button away from his hand. Kurama told Roto that he had sown the Seed of the Death Plant in his body while he threw the pebble as a distraction. Kurama said it was risky to put all his hopes into one threat because he may not even care for his mother or he could just make him immobile. Roto asks Kurama for mercy and asks even if he believes in mercy. Kurama said no and the Death Plant sprung out of Roto's whole body. Kurama stated that it was irony for such a beautiful plant to have sprung from such an ugly soil. Hiei told Kurama that Roto's demon brother vanished the moment Roto died. The score was now tied at 1 to 1 and Zeru was getting pretty mad with a blazing red aura surrounding him.

- MysticGohan763

As Kuwabara fights Rinku,Rinku drops Kuwabara from the sky[Rinku has has his yo-yo tangled around Kuwabara.Then Kuwabara uses his Spirit Sword to break his fall.Kuwabara then goes flying at Rinku.Kuwabara hit Rinku with his Spirit Sword but got hit by Rinku and they land outside of the ring.Kuwabara loses after he stays out of the ring for more than ten seconds.Then Botan says that she is going to help the Urameshi team stay in  shape.Then she tries to wake up Yusuke by slapping him but Hiei says it is no use trying to wake up Yusuke. Then she gets Yusuke out of the way so he does not get hurt.Then Kurama verus Roto. Roto starts the march with a few slashes from his sword that came out of his hand.Then Roto manages to slash Kurama when Roto calls Kurama by his human name,Suichi.Roto tells Kurama that his brother wants to bite Kurama's mom's head off and Roto has a switch that will signal his brother to.Kurama has to do what Roto says or his mother will die.First Roto tells Kurama not to fight back.Roto starts to beat up Kurama.Then Kurama throws a pebble at Roto.Then Roto cuts Kurama's face.Kurama then tells Roto that he implanted a death seed inside of him.Kurama used the pebble as a destraction so Roto would not notice the death seed.Then flowers grew out of Roto.The flowers kill Roto.Hiei tells Kurama that Roto's brother fanished when Roto died.



Without Victory, there is no survival...


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