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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 26: Toguro Returns

Episode 26: Toguro Returns

It starts with Kuwabara chasing Yukina in the Ice World (Kuwabara has a crush).  Yukina explains to him that she must return to her world and she walks away.  When Kuwabara is back in his world, Yusuke, Botan, and a few of his friends gamble on what's wrong with Kuwabara. He walks away and his friends chase him.  Yusuke and Botan have a talk about Hiei.  Then Yusuke and Hiei are at the Ice world.  Yusuke explains to Hiei that this might be the last chance to tell Yukina THE SECRET (Hiei is Yukina's brother).  Hiei walks away.  Then Yusuke and Botan talk about the last case and the tape.  Botan runs and Kaiko appears for their date. Meanwhile in Spirit World, Botan talks to Koenma on Yusuke's success. This part is funny. One of the ogres come in and tells Koenma that his tuxedo is cleaned for Yusuke's funeral!!!  Botan is furious.  Another ogre came in and inserted a tape after the battle with Toguro. The tape reveals that both of the Toguro's deaths were fake.  Sakyou appears on a screen and tells Toguro his plan. Toguro wants to fight Yusuke at a Dark Tournament. Remember the man upstairs?? Toguro bust through the window and kicked his head off!!!  At the date Yusuke and Keiko stop at a store and Keiko shops and try clothes on. Yusuke does an attempt of escape but failed. When they left the store, a little part of a building was crumbling and a crowd of people are near. Yusuke and Keiko drop in. Then outside of the crowd in a motorcycle is DA DA DA DUM Toguro! Yusuke steps aside and sees Toguro. ALL TALK. Then Toguro cuts Yusuke's shirt and tells him to meet him at the construction site.  At the site, Toguro shows his power. And here's the embarrassing part: he only used 20% of his energy during their battle. At the site: 60%. Showing off his power he starts destroying beams at the site. The top half of the site has been destroyed and Yusuke's in the rubble. Toguro tells Yusuke about a tournament on a place called Hanging Neck Island and that he has to fight or Toguro will kill everyone he knows and Yusuke himself! He leaves and Kuwabara is at another building looking at Yusuke...surprised. On the way down Toguro sees Kurama and Hiei and tells them about the tournament. Both accept. The next day Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei practice for 2 months. Where's Yusuke? With granny (Genkai) no doubt. After 2 months Yusuke is nowhere to be found. When all 3 of them are about to board the ship to the island with a whole bunch of demons, Yusuke appears with a masked
fighter (all teams need to have 5 members). As the boat set sail, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, and the masked fighter are ready for any challenges on the ship.

- Ben a.k.a Juno Cell


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