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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 21: Yusuke's Sacrifice

Episode 21: Yusuke's Sacrifice

Yusuke continues to do battle with the five remaining Suzaku's. Yusuke does away with four more of them, leaving the flute alone on the floor for the taking. But, Yusuke is almost out of energy and the Suzaku's bird gets in between him and the whistle. Yusuke threatens the bird that he will kill him if he touches the whistle, but the last Suzaku gets up and absorbs the other fallen six, then splits himself again into Seven. Yusuke gets up for one final shot and kills Suzaku as well as destroys the flute. Yusuke falls to the ground, almost dead.

Hiei, Kurama, and Kuwabara find the unconscious Yusuke and Kuwabara gives Yusuke some of his spirit energy so Yusuke can live.

On Earth, all the Makai Insects die and the world is safe.

Three days pass and Yusuke finally wakes up in Kuwabara's house. Kuwabara explains to him what happened, and then Yusuke leaves to go after Keiko.

Yusuke finds Keiko and he thinks he is going to get slapped, but what he gets is a first real sign of emotion from Keiko as she tells him to tell her before he runs off to save the world again. All is safe once again on Earth or is it. . .



Suzaku fires another lightning fist attack but Yusuke was ready and fired off a full-powered and devastating spirit shotgun.  Suzaku crashes down to the floor and Yusuke passes out as well.  Meanwhile, Keiko and Botan continue to flee from the Maki infected people when suddenly Botan is ambushed and passes out.  Keiko comes to her aid, but now they are cornered.  Yusuke is watching from the wide-screen and decides to destroy the flute. He is almost out of energy so he crawls slowly to the flute when suddenly Suzaku flies in and knocks the flute into the distance. Yusuke threatens to shoot the bird with his spirit gun. The bird flies off and picks up the flute and drops it once more. Yusuke reaches for the flute when suddenly Suzaku steps on Yusuke's hand...he's still alive!

 Suzaku steals the strength of the other Suzakus and regains full health. Suzaku attacks with another lightning fist attack and Yusuke takes every bit of it, he is still up. Suzaku realizes that he doesn't have enough energy to take another attack. He charges up for another lightning fist. Yusuke sees Keiko's eyes and knows he can't give up. A burst of energy releases itself from deep inside. He begins to glow with rage and releases the biggest blast (at the time) in Yu Yu Hakusho. A big explosion occurs completely destroying the top level of Maze Castle. Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama get their just in time to see Suzaku get smacked. The flute is destroyed.
      Back in the living world, all the Makai infected people faint. Botan and Keiko are relieved. Koenma (who was watching the whole time) rejoices.  Suzaku, who is about to die wonders why he didn't win. He then falls over, dead. Yusuke is completely drained. Kuwabara then gives him some of his energy and then they both pass out. Hiei looks on confused.
       Three days later, Yusuke wakes up in what he realizes is Kuwabara's room. Kuwabara tells him he has been asleep for the past three days. Kurama tells him that Suzaku has been vanquished.  Yusuke asks about Keiko and Botan and Kurama and Kuwabara get this depressed look on their face making Yusuke think that something bad has happened to them...suddenly Keiko and Botan bust through the door and Keiko yells at Yusuke for getting out of bed...Kuwabara laughs. Later, as Keiko leaves, Yusuke catches up and apologizes for the things that happened and says she can slap him if she wants. Instead of a slap she points her finger at him and tells him to stop making her worry again. Yusuke's mission is finally over....

- E C


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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