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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 18: Seiryu, the Blue Dragon

Episode 18: Seiryu, the Blue Dragon

After Kuwabara's ferocious battle with Byakko the White Tiger, who is able to destroy matter with the sound of his voice, the team reaches a hallway with a dozen doorways.  Only one of which leads forward, the rest lead to death.  Kuwabara senses something big behind one of the doors, and says that it is the way, after a short speech he opens the door and lets loose a high-pitched scream when he sees a mouse.
Anywho, the team go down this passage until they arrive at an ice covered door.  Two statues of blue dragons in vicious poses are placed to the sides.  A voice beckon them to enter.
Upon entering they meet Seiryu.  He stands at at least 12 feet and his tunic has a dragon coiling around it.  Suddenly they sense another presence in the room. From behind them Byakko staggers in.  He begs Seiryu to help him, but is slain by his own ally, a tear drips from his eye as he dies.
Disgusted by Seiryu's lack of honor, Hiei refuses the offer to join the Saint Beasts and decides to fight. He tosses his cloak atop Byakko's face in respect and prepares to fight. Seiryu sends volleys of ice attacks at Hiei, but is shortly cut to pieces by an attack that he cannot even see.  We learn later that Seiryu was perhaps the weakest of the Saint Beasts.
Hiei takes his cloak as Byakko's body fragments vanish.
"It seems Byakko's execution has awoken something in Hiei"

- Jim Potter


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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