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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 17: Byakko's Lair

Episode 17: Byakko's Lair

Kuwabara doesn't give up when he is told to and he continues the fight with the 2nd Saint Beast, Byakko. Kuwabara charges at Byakko and puts his sword straight into Byakko's mouth. Byakko just consumes the whole sword and continues to get bigger.

Kuwabara's Spirit Energy is almost completely tapped out and he only has enough energy left to make a Spirit Dagger.

Kurama explains to the others that Byakko has a weakness.

Kuwabara thinks he has pinpointed the weakness and goes into attack. Byakko also attacks and almost hits Kuwabara, but he counters. Kuwabara puts the dagger through Byakko's stomach, and he absorbs it.

Byakko then can't contain all the energy he has taken in and gets Spirit Energy Indigestion which causes Byakko to explode.

All of Kuwabara's energy returns back to him and he returns to the others when Yusuke gets a call from Botan.

Things appear to be getting worse on Earth. Botan tells the gang more bad news on how the Makai Insects are becoming harder to kill. A demon possessed man then comes up behind Botan and attacks her, but she easily disposes of him and the Transmission ends.

Byakko's voice is then heard throughout the castle...He is still alive and challenges Kuwabara in his Lair. The bridge where they were fighting immediately crumbles. The gang rush into the next tower...Byakko's Lair...

The Lair is full of nothing but platforms and a floor of molten lava. Byakko is in the center and appears to be totally unharmed. Kuwabara goes into attack, but Byakko has some surprises of his own, The Tiger Scream. Byakko uses the Tiger Scream and destroys all the platforms except for two on Kuwabara's die of the Lair. Kuwabara summons another Spirit Sword. Byakko uses the Tiger Claw Attack and slashes Kuwabara's chest. Kuwabara promises he won't stop fighting until he dies. Then, as Byakko shoots another Tiger Scream, Kuwabara jumps onto the last platform on his side of the Lair. Byakko then fires one last Tiger Scream and destroys the last platform. Kuwabara uses his Spirit Sword like a pole vault and pushes himself back up into the air, kicking Byakko into the lava (Kuwabara barely survives this as well, almost falls in the lava). Byakko dies, leaving only 2 Saint Beasts left. will our Heroes be able to do it and destroy the magic flute that stops the Makai Insects? Find Out Soon...


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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