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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 16: Byakko, the White Tiger

Episode 16: Byakko, the White Tiger

The gang tell Kurama that he can't fight anymore in Maze Castle because Genbu injured him too badly. Kuwabara says he will be the next to fight and ignites his new and improved Spirit Sword. He doesn't need to use the wood from the sword anymore and he can change the length.

Botan calls Yusuke over the Spirit Communicator and tells him that the Saint Beasts have launched another wave of Makai insects and that the people of Earth are getting hit with them easier. Botan then gets chased by a possessed man and barely was able to escape him and knock him out.

Castle starts to crumble around our Heroes, it is the work of Byakko. They race for their lives and reach the outside where Byakko is waiting for them.

Byakko destroys most of the platform they are walking on, only leaving a bridge to cross to his platform. Kuwabara crosses the platform to fight Byakko.

Byakko pulls out four strands of his hair and launches it at the floor. Four smaller tiger monsters emerge and attack Kuwabara. Kuwabara uses his Spirit Sword and still it is not enough to escape the tigers attacks. Yusuke wants to help Kuwabara, but Kuwabara won't allow it. Yusuke then talks some sense into Kuwabara and he runs back towards the others.

The tigers follow him. Kuwabara turns back around and lengthens his sword, shish kabobbing all the tigers. The tigers then begin to run at Kuwabara. He leads them around a tower and locks them together.

Byakko gets mad and destroys the tower and the tigers he made. Byakko then steps up to fight Kuwabara. Kuwabara makes another Spirit Sword. Byakko can smell Kuwabara's fear. This angers Kuwabara and he attacks Byakko. Kuwabara begins to get weaker with every move he makes. He then notices that Byakko is growing, and it is because of Kuwabara's Spirit Energy. Kuwabara doesn't want to give up and continues to fight on. Will he Survive against his own energy when Byakko attacks?


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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