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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 15: Genbu, the Stone Beast

Episode 15: Genbu, the Stone Beast

This episode begins with Yusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei all in the Gate of Betrayal. Just for a recap, the Gate of Betrayal is a huge stone and someone who decides not to get killed is the traitor. Anyway, Yusuke convinces Hiei to go and pull the switch and he goes but doesn't. The bat like thing flying around tells Hiei he made a wise choice because if he did, a boulder would fall on him. Then he pulls the switch and dodges the boulder, slices the bat-like thing, and the mission continues. They reach a room and waiting inside was Genbu, the first Saint Beast. Kurama decides he will fight first. The fight begins with Genbu showing them he could go into the floor with a cheap move. He puts only his tail inside, makes it come behind Kurama, he senses it at the last moment but still get hurt on his side near the stomach. Kurama decides to pull out a rose and transforms it into the Rose Whip. The Rose Whip can cut through anything and he slices and dices Genbu. Yusuke and the others cross the room about to go up the stairs when Kurama senses the fight isn't over. Genbu reforms himself and starts using his body as bullets and attacks Kurama. Kurama continues dodging and sees a red stone in his body. After a few more tries, he gets his hand on the stone and Genbu reforms totally messed up. Kurama then explains it was apart of his brain that controls how he reforms. He cuts the stone in half and Genbu explodes. The mission continues on.

- Mario Williams

Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, and Kurama are still trapped in the Gate of Betrayal. Hiei runs from under the wall, and Kuwabara calls him a traitor because according to the bat, they would all be crushed. They call out to him, but starts to talk to the bat. The bat wants him to join them, and for a minute, it looks like he will, but then he draws his sword and kills the bat and smashes something on the wall. The ceiling stops coming down and Hiei reveals that was his plan all along, and that Kurama told him that he saw it and that only Hiei was fast enough to destroy it.
    Up in the top of the tower the leader of the beasts sends one down to "welcome their guests". When the Spirit Gang enters a seemingly talking room, Kurama announces that he will fight first. The beast appears as a beast made of stone, Genbu. Genbu begins to melt to the floor and pops out of the walls, floor ceiling, hitting Kurama viciously.
    Then Kurama pulls out a rose. Kuwabara calls him a sissy, and Kurama makes his Rose Whip appear. With it he cuts Genbu into pieces and Hiei reveals that the thorns of the Rose Whip can cut through any material.  Then the pieces start flying around the room and come together.  Genbu attacks Kurama, but he dodges.  Kurama slices Genbu, and Genbu comes back. Then Kurama slices Genbu again, but then he broke some rocks with his whip.  
    When Genbu reformed, he was deformed.  Kurama revealed that he had destroyed a part of Genbu's brain and that now he could not reform correctly. Kurama slices up Genbu again, but this time the pieces don't start flying around. Kurama won!
    Up in the tower the beasts are not very happy and the leader sends a real big beast (You only see the shadows) and another complains that if the big one goes in to fight now, he will not get a turn.

- Matt


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