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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 14: The Beasts of Maze Castle

Episode 14: The Beasts of Maze Castle

       The show starts off with Keiko asking Yusuke's mom when he's coming back. Yusuke's mom says that Yusuke said something special was supposed to happen after 6 mo. Keiko's walking (back to her house I imagine) when someone starts walking toward her. It's Yusuke back from his "Evil Boot Camp" as he calls it. Keiko's buying some milkshakes while Kuwabara discusses what he did at "Grandma's". and he says that he'll be having nightmares for the next four years. Keiko overhears the last bit of them talking and Yusuke says Kuwabara said that he wanted to see a movie. They walk to the theater when Yusuke says they have to go buy manly things. Kuwabara asks what he has to buy and Yusuke says that they're being followed. The two lead them to an alley and Yusuke performs one of his new moves he learned at the training. The Shotgun, an attack that shoots the enemy with many bullets made from Spirit Energy, which is akin to ki in Dragon Ball Z. Anyway the attack annihilates the 5 enemies and Kuwabara senses another inhuman person near them. They chase him into Botan who hits him with a bat. Botan says that he needs another case which ticks off Yusuke cause he just got back from Hell's Training. Botan convinces Yusuke with her womanly ways (no, actually she just says the whole town would turn into destruction-hungry zombies). The boys Yusuke hammered actually had a bug in them which is called the Makai-Insect. These bugs turn everyone against each other cause they want blood and destruction. They can only live outside Spirit World with a special whistle (which, you guessed it, fell into the wrong hands). The demons in control of the whistle will give it up if they're let out into the Living World. However Koenma wants to send Yusuke in through a small hole in the barrier (which is why they can't get out). The two realize that Kuwabara just heard the whole thing (what a couple of damn idiots) and he decides to tag along. They enter through the hole and are immediately attacked by a horde of demons coming up from the ground. Then through the hole they came through came a bright light which scared the demons away (stinking cowards) and two small balls land on a tree and form into (can you guess?) Kurama and Hiei, who says that if they can't last against them (the demons) they're in trouble. Hiei says that they'll do the fighting in the castle and says that the humans are weak (well actually just Kuwabara) and Kuwabara doesn't take it to well he tries to hit him but he's too fast. Hiei says he'll get his revenge on Yusuke, who answers that he'll take him on if they make it out alive. The four beasts don't believe they'll make it past the gate. when they enter a One-Eyed Bat appears and gives them the Gate of Betrayal Trial. The trial is that the wall comes on top of the four people who have to hold it up, but there's only enough room for one to make it past and that one is worthy to enter while the others are crushed under the weight.
- Cloud (Strife)

It's 6 months later, and Yusuke has just got back from training with Genkai, only to find out that his home town is being overrun by Makai insects! These human-possessing bugs were released by the Four Saint Beasts of Maze Castle in order to get free from Spirit World and the castle they have been imprisoned in.  Botan arrives to tell Yusuke about the trouble and promises to do what she can in Living World while he goes to Spirit World to battle four powerful demons that Koenma himself  knows little about.  Kuwabara tags along.
    When they arrive, they are attacked by a group of demons.  The battle seem lost before it is begun when the demons fled.  The Spirit Detective and Kuwabara wonder until they see Hiei and Kurama in a tree.  They had been hired by Koenma to assist on the mission.  Kuwabara and Hiei exchange insults most of the way to the castle, and even there tempers flare as Spirit Detective and Co. are trapped in the Gate of Betrayal.  
    A one eyed bat has trapped the group under a slowly lowering ceiling. When they are all just holding it up the bat reveals the way into the castle, but the catch is that for one to escape, the others would be crushed. Hiei is eyeing the door suspiciously and Kuwabara gets worried.  

 - Matt  


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