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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 13: Yusuke vs. Rando: 99 Attacks

Episode 13: Yusuke Vs. Rando: 99 Attacks

       The show starts out with Yusuke barely being able to stand, and Rando looking unfazed from his fight as Shorin. Yusuke goes in to end the match quickly throwing tons of punches and then punches Rando in the face. Rando is unharmed and says this match won't take long if only half of him can still throw a punch as he is low on Spirit Energy. Rando uses life force thread which ties up Yusuke. It's connected to Rando's power so Yusuke can't break it. Yusuke says it's boring that way so Rando swings him around into trees and into the ground. After a little while, Rando drags Yusuke over to a tree and ties the Thread to a branch. Rando asks how he's feeling and Yusuke says to take a guess. Rando then summons Hatefish (Hakefish?) into the water and then a demon he throws the demon into the water and gets mutilated by the Pirahna-like Hatefish. He then shows that he's copied Yusuke's Spirit Gun and shoots a tree behind him to demonstrate the power. Then he shoots the branch Yusuke's hanging from and Yusuke falls into the pond. Kuwabara's soul goes into the water and starts saying how he wasted his time trying to fight a wimp like Yusuke and that maybe they'll make him a Spirit Detective Cause he's not a wuss. Yusuke gets mad and uses his Spirit Energy to shred the fish and the thread. Rando is amazed that he was able to do that, but doesn't mind as it gives him the chance to kill him with his own move. They wait and Rando shoots some air bubbles thinking it was Yusuke when he jumps out of another pond and blasts Rando with the Spirit Gun and Rando does the same to Yusuke, Yusuke says that he's doing it wrong cause he's holding to much back. Yusuke's shot breaks through and knocks Rando into the water. Yusuke also says that you can do it that way but it doesn't hold the stopping power like normal. Yusuke wishes that Rando's dead cause he's got nothing left. But Rando blows out the water in the pond and says he doesn't like feeling pain. Rando proceeds to pummel Yusuke into the ground. Rando is amazed at how much damage the blast did as he barely has enough energy left to kill Yusuke. Yusuke tries to bluff by saying he's dangerous even if it looks like he can't move at the moment. Rando doesn't by it and Yusuke says he must have got him good as he can't hear (REMEMBER THAT LINE). Rando begins the chant to shrink Yusuke but it back fires and Rando gets hit instead. Rando wonders how that happened and Genkai says that the victim has to hear the chant. Yusuke sits up wondering why everything's so quiet when he pulls some swamp algae out of his ear. Genkai remarks that Rando knows the power of his techniques but doesn't know the consequences. Rando says that all he has to do is use the reverse chant and Yusuke stands up asking Rando if he thinks he'd really let him do that. Yusuke performs his Super Elbow Drop (which is just him falling on top of Rando and driving his elbow into him when he lands) and Rando gets knocked out. Genkai announces Yusuke as the winner of the Genkai tournament and Yusuke says to wait till tomorrow till they have a celebration. Genkai heals Kuwabara and says to take him to his house Yusuke starts looking forward to the Tokyo Dome and Botan is amazed that he still remembers that. Genkai says no as they start the 6 mo. training session the next day.

- Cloud (Strife)


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