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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 12: Rando Rises, Kuwabara Falls

Episode 12: Rando Rises; Kuwabara Falls
       The show starts out Genkai announcing the match between Kuwabara and Shorin and Yusuke telling Kuwabara to back down. Kuwabara starts out strong with Shorin not being able to hit him very hard. Meanwhile, Boton and Yusuke remark on how weak Shorin is and wonder if he's been hiding but not as a fighter. Then Kuwabara asks Shorin if that's all he has and Shorin says no as he has to try a couple techniques. He uses the Circles of Inferno which do hit Kuwabara (albiet barely) and then he summons his Spirit Sword to use as a bat against the next barrage of fireballs. He hits one back at Shorin which hammers him pretty badly and Shorin marvels at how he used his own attack against him twice. Shorin then does a chant to make Kuwabara small and proceeds to shatter his bones in his arm and ribs. Genkai calls the match and Shorin throws him at Yusuke. Shorin returns him to his regular size and Yusuke has some words with Kuwabara to make sure he's ok (well if you consider the fact his bones were shattered and on the verge of death ok then he would be). Genkai announces the final match between Yusuke and Shorin. Yusuke tell s Shorin he's a Spirit Detective and Shorin is unfazed. That is, until Yusuke punches him in the face and he begins to pummel Shorin while Shorin is amazed that he's this strong. Then he uses an attack that sucks out air from cuts in the body and with the battle scars Yusuke had, it would hurt alot. He gets flattened by the first wave but gets up and flies through all the tornado and drives Shorin to the ground. Yusuke walks over to Genkai to claim his prize when Genkai says that the fights not over. and Shorin transforms into Rando.                            
- Cloud(Strife)

Yusuke, Kuwabara, and young Shorin are the only fighters left.  Yusuke and Botan can't believe that Shorin is really Rando. Shorin has to fight Kuwabara, and Kuwabara thinks he will win easily. I don't remember really well, but basically the fight is Shorin using an attack that Genkai says was only used by an ancient fighter.  He throws fireballs and Kuwabara hits them with his Spirit sword like a baseball bat.  Shorin then shrinks Kuwabara and beats him up and breaks his bones.  Yusuke is sure he is Rando.
    The next match begins and Yusuke starts to beat up Shorin.  Shorin gets upset and uses an attack that makes air come out of cuts.  Yusuke has battle scars and so it hurts a lot.  He survives and pummels Shorin.  Yusuke is about to claim his prize when Genkai says the fight isn't over.  Shorin turns into Rando.

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