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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 11: Hard Fights for Yusuke

Episode 11: Hard Fights for Yusuke

Yusuke can't land a single hit on Kibano, and is getting angry.  By luck, he grabs Kibano's arm, but Kibano is too strong and just flings him away.  Finally, Yusuke makes a last ditch effort.  He concentrates on the Kibano's presence, then aims, and fires.  It hits him square in the forehead and shatters his helmet.  Kibano is too dazed to fight anymore.
The semi finals begin, and now Yusuke must fight the body guard Kazemaru.  Yusuke is very tired from his last fight, and the odds don't look good.  Kazemaru throws a set of ninja stars, but they have a twist.  They lock on to a person's spirit energy and have gunpowder in their tips!  Yusuke believes this is the end, and makes a kamikaze run towards Kazemaru. 
When they're about to collide, Yusuke suddenly disappears, and the stars blow up on Kazemaru, incapacitating him.  Yusuke is nowhere to be found though...
Suddenly, he pops up out of a a marsh pit.  Everyone thinks it's genius that Yusuke dropped into that hole, but it turns out he did that by accident.
Now that the only fighter left is Shorin the monk, he must be Rando in disguise!  But can Kuwabara fight his first demon?
- Gecko


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