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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 8: The Three Eyes of Hiei

Episode 8: The Three Eyes of Hiei
Yusuke and Botan (garbed in her schoolgirl outfit) are talking about the last artifact Yusuke must collect, the Shadow Sword.  Hiei, the toughest demon yet, still possesses it.  Keiko walks in on their conversation and seems annoyed that she's been left out.
As Keiko walks down the street, brooding over Yusuke, Hiei comes out of the shadows and slashes her with the Sword, planning on using Keiko as bait to bring Yusuke and the other two artifacts.  In school, Yusuke sees his compass go crazy, and ditches class to follow the lead.
Finally, he arrives at a warehouse, where Keiko is beginning to transform into a zombie.  This gets Yusuke VERY angry, and he trades the other two artifacts for Keiko.  However, Keiko will be under Hiei's control anyway!  This makes Yusuke VERY angry and he begins attacking Hiei, but finds he's not fast enough.  It appears though, the demon talks more than he fights, and before long, Yusuke is catching up. 
Hiei pulls out his Shadow Sword, intending to use it on Yusuke, but just when it's about to hit, Kurama steps in and takes the blow.  He'll be fine, being of demonic blood already.  Now Hiei is getting furious, and reveals his true form, a green skinned demon with eyes all over his body!  Now he's even faster than before!
Meanwhile, Botan desperately tries to slow down Keiko's transformation, but it's an uphill battle.  Yusuke is getting smacked around, and goes for a last ditch effort.  He fires his one-shot Spirit Gun, but misses!  Or did he?  Hiei is celebrating too soon, the Spirit Gun beam bounced off the carelessly misplaced Forlorn Hope's mirror, and nails Hiei from behind. Hiei defeated, Yusuke heals Keiko with the Spirit Sword, and it seems all is well. Later, Botan mentions that even though they got all 3 artifacts back, Koenma's father found out and gave him a "light" punishment.
- Gecko.


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