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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 7: Gouki and Kurama

Episode 7: Gouki And Kurama

       The episode begins with the transformation of Gouki into his demon form. He then proceeds to kick the crap out of Yusuke. Yusuke is saved when Gouki Hears a bunch of voices from the forest and he runs away so he won't get caught. It turns out to be Botan who brings Yusuke back to his house. The debate on what too do next when Yusuke's Mother gets into an argument with him cause Keiko's supposed to be his girlfriend (they're in his room). Yusuke goes out looking for Gouki again cause he's taking the souls of little kids and they can't be saved after 1 day. Yususke finds him and they fight with Gouki kicking butt and taking names again because Yusuke's punches have no effect on Gouki's rock hard body. Then Botan breaks a stick (albiet very large) to save Yusuke once again. he says he's going to kill both of them when Yusuke shoves a peice of the stick into his mouth and blasts him with the Spirit Gun.
       Weakened from his battle, Yusuke walks into town on a stick where Kurama passes him by and telepathically says to meet him at the hospital in three days so he can give him the Forlorn of Hope. He meets up with Kurama while Botan goes to Koenma about the Forlorn. They go see Kurama's sick mother and Kurama tells of how he became human. The doctors then come and say that his mother won't live long. Botan finds out from Koenma that you need to sacrifice a life to use it and she rushes back to tell Yusuke. Kurama makes his wish and then Yusuke tells the Forlorn to take his life instead saying that he doesn't want to see his mom sad. The wish is granted without either of them dying while Yusuke remarks how stupid it was to do that.

- Cloud(Strife)


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