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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 6: Three Monsters

Episode 6: Three Monsters

At the Great Treasure Hall of the Spirit Realm, three demons break free of a prison and steal three sacred artifacts.

Yusuke wakes up for school by his mom crying, thinking she is dreaming that her son is back alive. So he leaves for school.

At school, everyone still thinks Yusuke is dead, until he shows up and everyone is scared that he is going to beat them up again. Kayko shows up and Yusuke shows his first actual sign that he has feelings for Kayko in a flashback sequence. The school bell rings and off to class.

At GYM Class, Yusuke pulls out what looks to be a magnifying glass from his pocket. He then has a flashback of Botan giving it to him. It is actually his First Spirit Item. It is called the Psychic Spyglass. It is used to see through anything.

During the next class, everyone notices that something of theirs is missing. The Principal and Teacher, Mr. Iwamoto, calls him out of class and blames him for the items missing. Yusuke gets mad and just as he is about to release the anger by punching his teacher, Koenma appears and freezes time.

Koenma tells him that about his first Spirit Detective Case. It is to catch the three demons that stole the three items; The Shadow Sword, The Fortorn Hope, and The Orb of Baast. He then tells Yusuke to use his Psychic Spyglass on Iwamoto to find out that he stole the missing student items. He does and Koenma makes time pass again. Yusuke goes into Iwamoto's pocket and pulls out a pen that was stolen from a student. The Principal gets mad at Mr. Iwamoto and takes his to his office.

Koenma reappears and shows Yusuke how to use the Spirit Gun, an energy attack that can be shot from his index finger. He can only use it once a day though because his Spirit Energy is too low. Yusuke uses it on Mr. Iwamoto while he is walking a way and Mr. Iwamoto crashes to the floor like he was punched in the back.

Yusuke goes into the city where the sky turns red for a second. All of a sudden people start screaming as a child faints for no reason. Yusuke looks a little ways away and he sees the child's soul fleeing the area...This is the work of The Orb of Baast.

Yusuke follows it into an alley where he finds the person who has the Orb. Then, a mob of people attack Yusuke and the stranger gets away.

Meanwhile, Koenma learns about who stole the items. Three Demons by the names of Hiei, Kurama, and Gouki. Botan shows up at Koenma's office mad at the task that he gave Yusuke. He explains that if they don't get them back in a week before his Father gets home, King Yama, the whole world would go into chaos. Botan gets scared of this revelation.

It is raining and Yusuke sees a place where it is very bright and no rain is at. He goes there where he encounters all three of the Criminals. Hiei resembles a kid who looks to be gothic. Kurama looks to be in his late teens with red hair that goes down to his shoulders. And Gouki looks like I guy on steroids. Hiei thinks they can take over the planet if they use all their items. Kurama refuses to use The Forlorn Hope for this purpose and leaves. Hiei gets mad and goes after Kurama. This leaves Gouki and Yusuke alone.

Yusuke wants the Orb back, but Gouki won't give it up without a fight. Gouki pulls the little boy's soul out from earlier of the Orb and puts it in his mouth. Yusuke hits Gouki, making him spit it up and drop the Orb, which Yusuke picks up. The Soul then goes back to the little boy. Gouki gets mad and transforms into his true form...a Kyukonki. Gouki lifts up a tree and hits Yusuke, making him drop the Orb. Gouki gets the Orb back. Yusuke then tries to use his Spirit Gun on Gouki but remembers that he already used it that day. Will he survive?


The episode begins as three demons steal something from Spirit World. Then, everyone is surprised that Yusuke is back at school. Everything seems to be back to normal now. Mr. Iwamoto seems to planning something against Yusuke. Yusuke skips gym class. He remembers about the Psychic Spy Glass given to him by Botan. After that, it seems that everyone in gym class got their things stolen during that class, and Yusuke is accused. Mr. Iwamoto interrogates Yusuke in a very abusive way. He is about to him, but Koenma stops him just in time. Instead Koenma tells Yusuke to use the Spy Glass to check Iwamoto's pocket. Yusuke proves to Mr. Takenaka that Iwamoto did it by pulling the loot from Iwamoto's pocket. Koenma teaches Yusuke the Spirit Gun. Then, Yusuke shoots it at Iwamoto. Next, Koenma gives Yusuke his first case which is to recover the Shadow Sword, the Forlorn Hope, and the Orb of Baast.
Yusuke sees a kid who lost his soul. He follows the soul and the first thief. Botan yells at Koenma for putting Yusuke on such a hard case for a rookie. She then realizes that the case is very urgent because King Yama is coming back from vacation in a week. Yusuke finally finds the three thieves: Hiei, Gouki, and Kurama. Hiei is the holder of the Shadow Sword, Gouki is the holder of the Orb of Baast, and Kurama is the holder of the Forlorn Hope. Kurama withdraws from the alliance. Yusuke introduces himself to the thieves. Kurama just walks away...Then, Yusuke is just left alone with Gouki. Yusuke start to fight with Gouki. The soul is free from Gouki, but then he transforms into a Kyukonki and massacres Yusuke.

-Michael Lee

As the episode begins in Spirit World three people are stealing the Artifacts of Darkness and they killed some guards. Then in the human world Yusuke goes to school. As usual people are afraid of Yusuke. Then Kuwabara starts taunting Yusuke about how he's going to kill Yusuke. Mr. Takenaka hits Yusuke in the head so he doesn't miss class. Then Yusuke skips gym class. Yusuke then thinks about what Botan gave to him last night. Then Yusuke takes a nap after thinking. After gym Yusuke is being accused of stealing things he didn't steal. In Mr. Iwamoto's office Mr. Iwamoto is beating Yusuke. Yusuke almost punches Iwamoto until Koenma shows up. He tells him about his first case. Then after Iwamoto lets Yusuke leave Koenma teaches Yusuke the Spirit Gun. Yusuke does it on Iwamoto. Then he leaves to get the Artifacts of Darkness back. Yusuke sees one soul and he remembers that one artifact steals souls. He follows the soul and he sees the people that stole the artifacts and Yusuke sees the artifacts. The people are actually demons. Then one of them leaves. Another one of them fights Yusuke. After Gouki [the person fighting Yusuke] transforms into his Kyukonki form Yusuke tries to do the Spirit Gun but then he remembers he can only do it once a day. Yusuke thinks he is about to die.

-Mark Lee

Yusuke is at school when someone says that something (cant remember what) is stolen and 2 more things are stolen everyone thinks its Yusuke so he has to go to the principal, then Koenma appears and tells him that he has a mission then he tells him to use something to tell that the teacher stole the stuff  and he gets in trouble with the principal and then Koenma tells him that he can use his spirit energy to use the spirit gun then after school he goes to a forest and finds Kurama, Hiei, and Gouki. Kurama says he is withdrawing from the group and leaves then Hiei goes after him  and the fight begins and Gouki becomes a monster and repeatedly attacks Yusuke. Is it all over for Yusuke?

- Bryan Gallet



Without Victory, there is no survival...


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