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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 5: Yusuke's Back

Episode 5: Yusuke's Back

Koenma appears and tells Yusuke that the only way for him to return to his body is for a person that he knows to kiss him during a 24 hour period. Yusuke enters his Mother, Kuwabara, and Kayko's Dreams to tell them the news. The Mother is busy partying and Kuwabara thought he was having a nightmare so the only one that really noticed the dream was Kayko.

Kayko was going  to go to Yusuke's House after school, but her mom had a heat stroke and was sent to the hospital. 5 Minutes before midnight, Botan entered Kayko's Mom and made the mother tell Kayko to go and save Yusuke.

Kayko runs to Yusuke's house and kisses him, just in time before he would of stayed dead for another 50 years. Yusuke has been brought back to life...

The next day at school, Yusuke is so cheerful about him being brought back from the dead. Even when he is about to be robbed by some robbers, he shows his cheerful side.

He then is pulled into an Alley where a fortune teller begins to tell him his past and future. He begins to be freaked out and leaves.

Then he goes to a restaurant where some bad kids are awaiting for Kuwabara to return with some stolen comics. Yusuke thought that was weird because Kuwabara does not steal. He then notices that the leader of the gang has hidden horns on his head. Kuwabara goes in the restaurant and has a bag of comics. He lays them on the table and the receipt falls out. This makes the leader mad and takes out the kitten that Kuwabara was trying to save.

The gang leads Kuwabara and his gang outside where the leaders tells Kuwabara to hit one of his friends, Kuwabara doesn't and one of the gang members pulls a knife on the cat. Yusuke jumps in and a fight begins. Kuwabara saves the cat and Yusuke goes after the leader.

They end up in a tunnel where Yusuke knocks out the leader. Then the horns are shown again and a little demon comes out of his mouth. Yusuke looks shocked and grabs the demon before it gets away. The fortune teller walks up to him and shows him her true form...It's Botan! She tells Yusuke that his mission is not over yet and that a meeting for Yusuke to become a Spirit Detective will be held the next day. Yusuke tries to object, but Botan says it is Mandatory. Botan gets on her oar and takes off into the sky.


This episode begins with Yusuke complaining about Koenma. Out of nowhere, Koenma shows up to tell Yusuke that he can come back to life tomorrow. They go to Yusuke's new house. Koenma says that the wavelengths of Yusuke's body and soul are being aligned tomorrow, so he can come back. He opens the path between Yusuke's body to the Spirit World. When he does this, Yusuke's body is supposed to glow. Also, the three people who want Yusuke to come back the most have to transfer some of their life energy into Yusuke by a kiss. If he doesn't perform this successfully, then he has to wait another 52 years to get another chance. The three people are Kuwabara, Kayko, and Atsuko. They count Atsuko out because she goes out to the bar to get drunk some more. Yusuke reaches the other two by dreams. Kuwabara won't do it because he doesn't want to be gay. (not like he already is.....) Kayko is actually about to do it, but she decides not to because it is only a dream. Koenma screwed up and forgot to tell Yusuke that his body glows from the feet up, and it doesn't happen all at the same time. When Kayko is at school, she learns that something is wrong with her mother. She stays with her at the hospital. Yusuke begs his mom and Kuwabara to kiss him, but Kuwabara get scared and Atsuko isn't spiritually aware. Eventually, Botan gives the message to Kayko through her mother. She barely made it. Then, Koenma told Botan that the real ordeal will begin.......
The next day, Yusuke is taking a walk happily. He is so happy he doesn't even punk the guys who threatened him. A physic calls Yusuke to her table. She appears to be able to read Yusuke's mind, and she isn't startled that Yusuke died. She says he has a mission to accomplish. Yusuke goes inside a shop where the guys from Rugafuchi Junior High are blackmailing Kuwabara into stealing for his kitten's life. Yusuke sees that their leader,Sakamoto, has horns like a demon. Now the leader wants Kuwabara to hit his buddies, or else his kitten dies. Yusuke jumps in and helps the good guys beat down all the bad guys. He chases Sakamoto down when he runs away. Yusuke knocks him out. Then, a demon comes out of Sakamoto. Yusuke grabs him out of the air. The physic come back and tells about the history about that demon. She says that Yusuke has everything to be the Spirit Detective of the Spirit World. She reveals herself to be Botan. Koenma says that Yusuke is the new Spirit Detective, and he will get cases to solve.

-Michael Lee


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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