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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 4: Requirements for Lovers

Episode 4: Requirements For Lovers

This episode begins by Yusuke whining as usual and insulting Koenma. Botan tells him he has messengers for overhearing stuff like that and whaddya know, one shows up. Her name is Sayaka. She follows Keiko around to see if she is worthy enough for Yusuke and vice-versa. She takes down a lot of notes and continues following her when Keiko goes to Yusuke's house. There, Keiko was cleaning up the mess that Yusuke's mom left. After she cleans up, she was about to kiss Yusuke in the mouth but, the Neighborhood Safety Control cotan mes by and tells people about fires because of how dry it is. Keiko leaves and some guy in a mask starts a fire in Yusuke's house. Keiko overhears about how another fire started and rushes to Yusuke's house. Meanwhile, Yusuke, Botan, and Sayaka are wondering what to do to save Yusuke when Botan races off to get Kuwabara. Keiko splashes some water on her and goes into the fire. When she reaches Yusuke, a huge burning stick falls and blocks them from getting out. Sayaka tells Yusuke that he could unleash the Spirit Beast from his egg to save Keiko's life but he wouldn't come back to life. He decides to do that and the beast comes out and clears a path for them to get out. When Keiko reaches the front door, Kuwabara finally arrives (better late than never) and they leave. Keiko then tells Kuwabara about how Yusuke would come back while Yusuke is sulking about how he won't. Then Koenma appears and gives him another chance to come back alive.

- Mario Williams

Yusuke learned from Botan that Koenma may send investigators to check up on Yusuke's progress. A little girl named Sakura appeared  a claimed to be that investigator. In order for Yusuke to come back, three people needed to show that they wanted him back. Kayko seemed to be the only person because she took care of Yusuke since she got his message. One day, someone set fire to Yusuke's apartment and Kayko rushed in to get Yusuke's body, but then she got trapped herself. Botan went to Kuwabara for help and got him to go help Kayko. Sakura said the only thing Yusuke could do to help is to hatch the saint beast egg early, but then Yusuke wouldn't be able to come back to live. But for Kayko's sake Yusuke threw the egg into the fire and the beast saved Kayko. Yusuke knew he wouldn't be able to come back but then Koenma appeared with a message saying that Yusuke would be getting a second chance and coming back

- Gramby29

As Yusuke and Botan hover over Yusuke's city an investigator comes to check on Yusuke's progress. The investigator's name is Sayaka. Then she wants to make sure that Kayko wants Yusuke back so they go investigate Kayko. After a few minutes of investigating Kayko she goes to Yusuke's house to take care of Yusuke's body. Kayko cleans Yusuke's body and almost kisses him until the Neighborhood Watch Committee tells everyone that it is very hot today. Then Kayko leaves Yusuke's house so she could go shopping. Then someone starts Yusuke's house on fire. Yusuke tries to enter his body but Botan tells him he can not do that. Botan starts looking for Kuwabara. Then Kayko hears that Yusuke's house is on  fire and Kayko goes to Yusuke's house. Then Botan reached Kuwabara and gives him the tickle feeling. Then Kuwabra goes to Yusuke's house. Then Kayko reaches Yusuke's house and goes inside to save Yusuke's body. The entrance caves in. Then Kuwabara shows up. Yusuke throws his egg in the fire to save Kayko but he can not come back to life. Then Koenma gives Yusuke one more chance to come back to life.
-Mark Lee



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