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Yu Yu Hakusho Episode Summaries

Episode 3: Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men

Episode 3: Kuwabara: A Promise Between Men

As Yusuke watches over Kayko, some thugs from Kazanega Junior High. They want money from Kayko. Yusuke tries to punch one of them but his hand goes right his head. Then Kuwabara and his gang show up. Kuwabara starts taunting them and then there is a big fight. The next morning at school Mr. Akashi is punishing Kuwabara's gang by taking Okubo's job away if they fought once that week. Kuwabara's gang tries to bargain but it still lasted one week. Then Mr. Akashi starts telling Mr. Iwamoto how happy that Yusuke is dead and that Kuwabara can't resist a fight so that they can expel him. When Kuwabara leaves school he starts to see the people they had a fight with. Kuwabara lets himself get beat up. The next morning Mr. Akashi tells Kuwabara's gang that they need  at least a 50 on the science test. At lunch, Kuwabara starts studying while eating and uses pencils as chopsticks. Then he goes to the book store. More people start beating up Kuwabara. He starts studying after he shows his new bruises to his gang. Then at night Kuwabara falls asleep when studying. Yusuke enters his dream and helps Kuwabara study. When Kuwabara is about to get beat up Yusuke enters the body of someone and beats up the people that were going to beat up Kuwabara. After the test Mr. Akashi erases Kuwabara's last answer so that he would get a 48. Kuwabara almost beat up Mr. Akashi until Yusuke stops him. Mr. Takenaka makes Mr. Akashi give Kuwabara's normal grade. Then everyone got over a 50 and Mr. Takenaka said that they were going to let Okubo keep his job. Then Kuwabara thanks Yusuke for all his help.

- Mark Lee


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