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Yu Yu Hakusho CCG Prelude: Card of the Day

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Younger Toguro Latent Warrior

Base Set

Reviewed 10.28.2003

Avg. Standard Rating: 4.38


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.



Younger Toguro Latent Warrior:

This is a powerhouse from the toguro team. His 5000 defense makes him a great staller to draw more cards on non toguro teams (so you can use the very nice All for One, One for All card), and his 3000 for 1 cost and 5000 for 3 that buffs all attacks by 3k make him a great offensive character as well.

3.5/5 - Great in toguro (a must), but not first choice in non toguro decks

Tyler Bishop Younger Toguro Latent Warrior

       This Toguro is an all right character. It is one of the the better characters from Team Toguro and also part of a better team than others. Its second attack 100% power is a little costly but it gives +3000 to all your attacks for the remainder of the match which can be really good. With this bonus and your team bonus your almost always gonna do two damage. This character also has better than average defense for 5000.

                   Good Points
                   -High Damage
                   -5000 Defense
                   -Good Team Ability

                   Bad Points
                   -High Attack Cost

       I give this character a 4.5 out of 5 because of the damage it do to your opponent


Younger Toguro Latent Warior:

Quite possibly the best character in the game, he pretty much smashes any
type of stall. Byakko and Jin are probably the only people who can give him any problems. Being on Team Toguro, which in my opinion is the second best team, only boosts his strength.

Being a ghost rare will probably prevent him from being used by the casual
player, but any serious player should pick him up. There are few decks that can use him, as even mill or combo decks need a stable 5th character if there plans go down the drain.


Richie Williams

Younger Toguro, Latent Warrior

In Set one, this is the most widely used staple 5th character in nearly every deck. Some people prefer Genkai, the Young for different reasons though. Anywho, he's great in the 5th slot because you can afford the massive discards he requires for giant damage. Also, his defense is as solid as it gets. He might be the MVP of the characters that are out right now and he looks incredibly cool. Definetely an awesome card.

Richie Williams (Onslaught)


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