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Yu Yu Hakusho CCG Prelude: Card of the Day

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Suzaku the Fierce

Dark Tournament

Reviewed 1.29.2004

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.33


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Israel Quiroz

Suzaku the Fierce,

Let's close Saint Beast week with the best character this team gained in Dark Tournament. I don't think everyone out there has figured out why this character is so good and I can't say I'm surprised because his combo takes a bit of a set up, but he's still a machine waiting to be abused. His alliance effect is ok, not great or game breaking but ok because like I've stated before Murugu has some time before she begins to see some serious tournament play. And his Thunder Storm attack is not best thing in the world but Suzaku's Recovery will surprise your opponent by showing him you don't have to attack to win a match.

What am I saying you ask? Well, having this character in a deck with a couple of recursion, and a few 5th match characters is no new thing, but once you add Flee the Arena and Rando Appears to the mix your opponent has a really, really long match in his hands. This very annoying stall tactic will only get better once Exile (set IV) is released but even with the current cards out there Suzaku could buy you some time and can be more than a pain for your opponent in the right deck.



  Suzaku, the Fierce:
This is a pretty strong character. While at first glace it seems that he is terrible, he actually isnt. His attack isnt that spectacular, but I guess thats what Seiryu is for. His anti item effect is his main use. Many decks try and attach multiple items a turn, so they get just what they need.
With his effect, they either dont get what they need, or they have to work up to it. His healing effect is similar to his power, it looks bad. But unlike his power, it isnt bad. One way to make it work is to deal a couple damage to a sidelined character, most likely the 4th or 5th slot character.
Then, if its the 4th slot, switch it to the 5th with Pocket Communicators.
Then use Flee the Arena, and replace your 5th slot. This is a lot of work for one heal, but still, its a possible use. He also has 500 more defense than the Makai Master does. Overall, Suzaku the Fierce is better than Suzaku Makai Master. But here is where Makai Master still reigns supreme.
For Suzaku the Fierce to be good, you need to run Murugu. Murugu is bad.
Cook the bird =/




Without Victory, there is no survival...


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