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Yu Yu Hakusho CCG Prelude: Card of the Day

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Genbu, Master of Stone

Base Set

Reviewed 1.22.04

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.75


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Israel Quiroz

Genbu Master of Stone, 

This card is an all around better card than Genbu's old personality. His defense has increased by 500 and both of his attacks are a lot better than the single attack the old Genbu used to provide. This character definitely gives Team Saint Beast a boost along with Seiryu Cold Hearted, but I don't think I would play this character in a Non-Saint Beast deck. I just don't see him being good enough to make that much of a difference compared to cards like Yoko, or Younger Toguro latent warrior.

What else can I say about this card other? Is a good card but I don't think is all that great in a deck that doesn't need him to get the team bonus.



Genbu, Master of Stone R24 Tail Whip- If your opponent has more cards in his hand at the end of this turn than you, draw a card.

Sneak Attack- If you used Tail Whip during your last turn draw the bottom 2 cards from your Discard Pile.

Only one word can describe Genbu's new card "BEEFY"  what is there not to like.  Genbu is full of card advantage,  Both attacks are pretty nice, plus the added bonus of getting to draw along with the beast bonus,  your up to a nice size hand pretty quick. With a nice def of 5500, he can stand up to most any attack with out much problem. To discuss this or anyother card or stratagy or just to get game join us at irc.creativeirc.net on #yuyutcg.

St.Beast Deck  5/5
other decks      4/5



  Genbu, Master of Stone:
This is the biggest update for a character in my opinion. Everything about this Genbu is better than the old. This one is: easier to get, has 1500 more defense, has a second attack, first attack costs the same, does 1000 more attack, and can draw cards, his second attack can draw cards and is strong. There really isnt a reason not to use this character if you run Saint Beasts.




 Genbu, Master of Stone
R24 Character
Def: 5500
Tail Whip-Cost 2: Atk 5000: If your opponent has more cards in his hand at the end of this turn than you, draw a card.
Sneak Attack-Cost 3: Atk 9000: If you used Tail Whip during your last turn draw the bottom 2 cards from your Discard Pile.

Because of this card you will never see the original Genbu used by anyone ever again. Ever. This Genbu puts the original to shame. His attacks are high and, if you play him right, you will ALWAYS have the same number of cards in your hand by the end of the turn as you did when you attacked. I really like this card, especially in Team Saint Beasts. With Murugu working her birdy magic, this gargoyle is a force to be reckoned with. His solid 5500 defense, 6500 with Murugu present, almost ensures protection from 2 points of damage. With a high defense and a high attack, all that's left to be said about this champion of Saint Beasts is "Rock on!" I hope I'm not this corny in all my reviews
Standard: 4/5
Sealed deck: If you can make the Saint Beast Team and you pull him, then you're probably gonna win. On Saint Beasts: 5/5. On any other team: 3/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...


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