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Yu Yu Hakusho CCG Prelude: Card of the Day

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Wind Shinobi

Dark Tournament Exp.

Reviewed 1.14.04

Avg. Standard Rating: 3.50


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  5 is the highest rating.


Israel Quiroz

WED: Wind Shinobi

Here's Roto with the kicker, this character is not only really cool looking thanks to the two different versions of him but he will be one of the most played characters once the League's get up and going. Why you ask? Well, through the Yu Yu Leagues which any store can run a player will be able to earn a new card each week and there will be a new deck archtype with those new cards.

But why is he good you ask? He has a pretty high defense and really cool effect which can keep you from loosing a match. With Shinobi Stealth you can wait until this character has taken 3 points of damage and then use his attack to damage your opponent's fighter and switch him with your 5th character. I know he will keep his 3 points of damage but it's nothing Flee the Area won't be able to take care of. ^_<

Ok, so we know he has a high Defense and that he can pull off some really neat tricks but now let's talk about what makes this character really good. His attack is pretty decent because you're discarding 2 cards for an ATK value of 6000 but his effect is even better. Give this character a couple of Katana's or Ice Blade's and you'll be able to pick off your opponent's strongest character on his Side Line.

What makes this character so good is simply his utility, he can take down your opponent's fighter or his strongest character that he was saving for later in the game.

Rating 4.7/5


  Wind Shinobi:

This is one of the better Shinobi's out there, most likely the best one. Works great in Masho, or any other team. Not really worth a Ghost, but its atleast worth an uber.



 Wind Shinobi
G1 Character
Def: 5500
Effect: Effect: Shinobi Stealth: Switch this character with a character on your Sideline that has the Team Masho Symbol, when this character deals points of damage to your opponent's fighter.
Twister: Cost 2: Atk 6000: When you use this attack, you can choose to attack the character in your opponent's 2nd or 4th match slot, If you do, this attack's attack value is 3000 instead.

Wind Shinobi. I've pulled three copies of this card in the last ten packs I've bought. No joke. Anyway, what can I say about Wind Shinobi? In the right deck he's amazing, but he's definitely not a staple or half of what Roto is. The first thing you have to realize about Windy, and all the Shinobis for that matter, is that they actually have to do damage to your opponent's fighter to switch out. So if you hit the sideline you're not going anywhere. His attack value is OK. Two cards for 6000 isn't good, but its not the worst. Honestly, I don't really like Windy. So, of course, that's why I've pulled him nonstop recently.
Standard: 2/5
Sealed Deck: Like you'll pull one 1/5


P.S. If anyone wants one of these talk to me in the #YuYuTCG channel in IRC chat. God knows I have plenty to go around.


Wind Shinobi

In general, one of the toughest slots to fill in a line up is the first Match. Since many characters simply perform best when you have time to attach cards to them (especially characters like Shishi Wakamura and his Banshee Shrieks), finding a good first Match Slot character can be tough. Dark Tournament gives us not one, but two excellent choices; Genbu, Master of Stone (reviewed next week) and Wind Shinobi.

Wind Shinobi's 5500 Def means he can stand up to a fair amount of punishment without needing the help of Items like Armor of Clay. His excellent attack offers a tremendous amount of versatility; he can take out your opponent's fighter or you can target his 2nd or 4th Match Slot. Hitting your opponent's Sideline characters might take some attack boosts, but it gives you remarkable control over up to three of the game's match-ups. One hting to note, however, is that because of his Shinobi Stealth Effect, attacking your opponent's fighter in the Arena will cause Wind Shinobi to switch out with a Sideline character if any of your Sideline has the Masho Team Symbol. Overall, a great addition to almost any deck.


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