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Pojo's Yu Yu Hakusho Card of the Day!


Breaking Point

Exile Set

Reviewed 1.17.2005

Avg. Standard Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 02.17.05

Breaking Point

Oh yay. I must start off by saying that this has one of the best pictures in the game. Now having said that, Theres one major down side to this card. It must be played with team Kuroko. Oh and anything that kills events in the winner circle will also crush this card. Now this card says that your effects/cards that affect your sideline also affect your fighter. Your opponents stuff that affects your sideline only affects your fighter. Important to note that there is no may like word in the first part, so that if you use genkai's healing(Heal 1 point on a sideline character) also heals your fighter. I think that this card is rather powerfull. Too powerfull actualy. Like i said, the draw back is that you must run kuroko, but if mid game you use Untied(Give all heros a team symbol in play), you can gain a new bonus. So if you havn't figured it out yet, This card is stupid wrong. If you have it and three  members of kuroko, run them. Then also run Pinkie string. Plus rando.

Overall:5 of 5
Tron Breaking Point -

A card that has gotten worse and worse as i learned what it did. At team championships I had it and All You Need is the Ground, and found out that didnt work, that was like the only reason to play kuroko. Now, all their is are stupid cards that make it so you cant take damage, well whoopty do, its not difficult to get around soft locks like that. I really like the card and the team its built for but the fact is that they are too small for todays bigger characters.

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