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Live Chat

  • No swearing  -  No flooding - No op begging  -  No advertising  -  No harassing
  • This chat is provided as a courtesy to our visitors. Visit our Chat Rules page at:  http://pojo.razorville.co.uk/ .  Please remember that this is a live Chat. While our moderators do their best to keep the chats rated G, rule breakage occasionally occurs and foul language may happen.

  • For those with IRC ... just go here if you'd rather have full control: irc://irc.razorville.co.uk/


To change your nickname again, type "/nick <name>"
Example: /nick Peter

(Click on Help for extensive command help.)


Crusader's Chat Tips

First of all, Java is very limited in it's abilities, so getting Weedle Script from http://glitch.us/files/weedle.zip  would probably be a good idea.;)
After you download that and connect, type /join #pojoyuyuhakusho

If it doesn't connect you to the server, type /server mediadriven.dyndns.org to connect to MediaDriven :)

Now, you'll want a Nickname for yourself. Type /nick Nickname to choose one.
For example, /nick Craig would make your nick 'Craig'.
To register your nickname so no one else can use it, type /ns register
Password Email after choosing the /nick. Replace Password with a pass, and
Email with your email.
For example, after I type /nick Craig, type /ns register abcdef
pojocraig@hotmail.com would make my password abcdef, and my email
pojocraig@hotmail.com :)
The nickname will now be yours! To make sure it knows the nick is yours,
whenever you get onto that nick type /ns identify Password
If someone attempts to use your nick and they aren't you, use /ns ghost
Nickname Password

To send a PM to someone, you can either doubleclick on their name in the list of nicks, or if they're not in that channel, /query Nickname

To send a Memo, type /ms send Nickname Message (Your nick needs to be registered for this!)
To read a Memo, type /ms LIST and then /ms read NUMBER

Joining a channel is /join #channel, and to leave the channel you type /part

You can get a list of any options for your nick or channel with /ns HELP for
nicks, and /cs HELP for channel issues. For memo help, you use /ms HELP

Other Pojo chat's are #pojodbz (Dragonball Z), #pojo (Pokemon),
#pojotournament (Pokemon Tournaments), #pojostarwars (Star Wars),
#pojoheroclix (Heroclix), #PojoFighting (RPGing), #pojoyugioh (YuGiOh),
#PojoMagic (Magic: The Gathering), and #PoJoHP (Harry Potter)

-Written by Crusader-

Without Victory, there is no survival...


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