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Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3


Console: Nintendo GameCube
Story line: Skate as different Pro Skaters including the legendary Tony Hawk

Reviewed By TazedSoul

Not only does Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 outdo it's other two sister games it also out does any other Extreme sport game out on any console. It is jam packed with street skating, vert, and tournament competition. whether you are a street skater, vert skater, or aposer you are in for the best skating game available on a console.

First impressions of the game are defiantly influenced by the outstanding graphics, and 3D texture. When I first played the game I fell in love with these beautiful graphics, but that's not all the game has to offer. Graphics are what will suck you into this excellent game, but with the comfortable controls, and slick visuals that may just be able to make you buy this game on there own. Each skater has it's own individual, unique appearance, and custom style. You are also bombarded with a huge custom skater mode. You are able to chose from a skaters shoes, to a skaters watch, and his or her hat. You are able to pick their names, hometown, height, and other options you would only dream of.

While graphics, cool features, and sleek appearances are nice in a game the the awesome game physics also come into play along with huge worlds to skate, and grind to death. One might only be ale to imagine what it's like in this game to fall, and have a little bit of blood drip off of you. The way you fall is very cool. You can either slip off of the poll, or sometimes have the board slide out from under you and you land on the pole and continue to slide with out the bored until you come to a stop. Each grind has great physics, and motion work put into it.

Now about the levels, and career mode, and of course the multiplayer mode. In career mode you no longer earn money, or tapes to move onto the next level. You must just get points. You can earn points be completing certain objectives on your goal list in each level. Each level will always have a pro score for you to earn, a high score, and then the highest, sick score. At first the scores are a little easy to earn, but rest assured they do you get harder. While most of the game is new levels that you earn, and try to clear all goals on your new level lists some of the game is new competitions where you are given three heats (runs) to get the highest score you can achieve. You are then scored by the judges, and must rank 1st-3rd to move on to the next level.

Now for the slightly improved multiplayer mode, and create a park editor. The multiplayer mode features nothing new to say the least. The graphics are almost as good as in the single player mode, but run a little slower and are not quite the experience, but still impressive. As for the create a park editor. You now have many more new types of ramps, and grinds, and things like "diving" boards to throw into your parks.

Now if the game interests you then go pick it up. If your not sure, rent it and give it a try, but for me it's a must have, and has definitely earned it's spot in my library of GameCube games.

- by TazedSoul

Ratings (1-5)

Fun Factor 5
Sound 5
Replay Value 5
Control 4
Eye Candy (graphics) 5
Average... 4


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