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Agent Under Fire
Reviewed By TazedSoul
Console: GameCube
Story Line:
Play as James Bond, who must drive, and shoot his way through 12 different missions.

Most gamers have most definetly been awaiting a game to hold them over until the June release of Eternal Darkness and sadly enough this could be it.

Agent Under Fire originally was released for the PS2. The game got low reviews, and harsh feeling at most sites, but I can definetly disagree with these reviews. AUF is a perfect game for the cube right now. It comes in time of a draught wich is one reson I am scoring the game a little bit higher. Now keep this all in mind, I am an easy Game Reviewer. If a game has fun in it then the game will almost always score a 7 or 8, but if the game has something special then it will score higher. I score games on a scale of one to 10. The final score is based off of Fun factor, Graphics, and Replay Value. Now here is the most awseome review for 007, Agent Under Fire.

EA has tooken over the last couple of Bond games ever since Rares "007 Goldeneye". AUF is no Goldeneye, but it is a FPS. There are 12 single player levels in which you are either FP shooting, Driving a car, or shooting while in a car. Each level is definetly fun, but the matter of difficulty for the advance gamer is at stake. AUF is a pretty easy game, and has easy, short levels. Your gun selection is not the greatest, but has a few good guns. Amongst these the PS100, and Defender are the greatest. The one thing the single player lacks is challenge. You can easily complete levels in minutes, making the game a 6 hour game at the longest.

Enough critisim for the single player mode. The fun in all FPS are usually located in the multiplayer mode, right? Wrong. Well at least in this game. There are different scenario's in multiplayer AUF, but all of them are simply found bored quickly with small levels, and a low variety in weapon selection. The mode also is lowly scored because of the low amount of characters to choose from. This game would have scored much lower if it wasn't for these two gadgets: the Qclaw, and Qjet. These to gadgets are simply the funest thing in the game (besides the great car levels). These two things make the game worth playing by themselves.

The game has good replay written all over, but the replay value is definetly drownded if you plan to play many hours. As for graphics the games has good graphics, but nothing amazing, but what would you expect from EA? If this game sounds fun then you most definetly wan't to rent it, but do not buy the game until you have played it yourself. Ignore the hype of this game from the game starved crowd of Nintendo gamers. This game is fun by all means, but is in no way a AAA title.

Graphics: 7.5/10
Fun Factor: 8.5/10
Replay Value: 8.5/10
Total: 8/10

By TazedSoul




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