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Resident Evil

Now if you wan't to know how I first reacted to playing this AAA game then I suggest you read my first impressions. Keep in mind all this is un-edited, and represents exactly how I felt the first time I played Resident Evil. Forgive me for any errors made in this writting. Note: All this is wriiten before I finished the game and my final thoughts on the game lie in the Review which is above.


05.13.02- First Impressions
Since I haven't finished the game yet I will go a head and share my thoughts on the game and what I think of it so far. Now since this is not a "real Review" none of this is final, and is only based of limited gameplay, and first impressions. Now sit back and enjoy all the details....

From the opening FMV, to your first encounter with the dead you will be shocked with graphics, sound, and if not any of those the fact that you have probably pee'd in your pants. Around each corner lies something un-predictable, and in some cases things you would rather not wanna know about or see. My mouth dropped after seeing the opening video. The game is obviously the most realalistic looking game I have ever seen. Once the the opening scene has ended I began trying to learn the controls. The controls basically suck at first. But after a few minutes you will start to enjoy your comfy Nintendo GameCube controller once again. I would have to say that the GCN controller is easier to use with the game then the PSX, or Dreamcast ones.

I soon got brave and set out to destroy some dead. The first zombie I saw happened right after a a flash of lightning, the video began rolling and i accidently skipped it with start. I later went back and started all over to see the video. I swear this is the scarriest game ever. I promise this game will scare the hell out of you. There have been multiple cases where a zombie pops up and imeadietly hit pause, and close my eyes. There was a time where I am just walking around with out any worries and then something very, very scary happened, and I literally felt my stomache drop.

You have to get over your fears to adventure into new areas. Without you overcoming the fear you cannot contnue. Sometimes I am scared so bad I wan't to put down the controller turn off the game and return it. But there is something keeping me stuck to the game. Whats keeping stuck to the game is the Fun Factor"

Fun Factor
When I get that feeling where I wanna quit the game and never see it again there is something that keeps me glued to the game. I spend about 3hours in a row playing this game until I have to quit playing just to remain sane. When I am investigating a new room and I see over in the corner that there is a type writter it is like a huge weight is lifted off of my back, and I suddenly feel safe for the moment. Sure it sounds pathetic, but you don't understand until you are wondering around and you are attacked by a Crimson Head, and you life is at danger and you find a new typewritter. It is a great feeling.

There is another thing keeping me going. The game makes you wonder whats gonna happen next, and whats around that corner, and what do I do with this new item I just found. I am always nervosouly awaiting the next video, and hoping that there is hope in it. There is times where I am to scared to look for zombie to kill, and there is times where I intentially go looking for them.

Like any other Resident Evil game the controls are pretty bad. When I first started I could barely walk without running into a wall, and when I had to actually kill something with the controls I started laughing. Sure it is bad at first, but rest assured, The controls soon become comfotable, and easy as your progress into the game. I even would go as far to say the controls aren't so bad with the GCN controller. It may be that it's easy button locations come natural, and are simple, but it also may have to do with the analog use insead of the Playstation's Dpad.

If you are in need of a AAA game then you better go buy this game right now. I haven't played the original one of PSX, but i'll tell you this the beautiful cinemas alone are worth the purchase, but once you throw in the: suspensful gameplay, heart pounding thrills, spectacular storyline, and addicting gameplay you come out with a AAA game. Now I can say I am truly happy with my GameCube. Now this is why I got my GameCube!

Ratings (1-5)
Pojo's Scarriest Game Award

Fun Factor 5
Sound 5
Replay Value 4.8
Control 4.5
Eye Candy (graphics) 4.9
Total (not an average) 4.8 (AAA Game)



- By TazedSoul

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