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We are no longer looking for Hall of Fame candidates.  We were just trying to get about 30, so that people looking to beat the elite 4, could typically see what it will take.   Thanks to everyone for submitting their Hall of Famers.    :)

PoJo Venusaur - 57, Zapdos - 57, Gengar - 48, Seel - 42, Hitmonlee - 46, Charizard - 43 (via trade)   ... Gotta love Gengar  ;)
J. Diaz I used a charizard l.70, mewtwo l.70, moltres l.50, pidgeotto l.22, ditto l.65, lapras l.60
Pokemaniac Venusaur, Golduck, Articuno, Dragonite, Magmar, Raichu. Their levels are 64, 100, 57, 100, 56, and 48,
randy szeredi charizard lvl 53 raichu lvl  28 blastoise lvl 56 paras lvl 8 kakuna lvl 12 gengar lvl 78
RPgEe3 1.Blastoise L71, 2.Raichu L43, 3.Gengar L45, 4.Moltres L61, 5.Zapdos L65, 6.Articuno L68
Southp9844 Charizard LV45,Weezing Lv39,ZapdosLv53,Articuno lv 54,VaporeonLv37,and a snorlax,LV 34.
Dan Pearson L.100 Kadabra 2nd- L.100 Mewtwo 3rd- L.100 Mew (did not use gameshark) 4th- L.100 Alakazam 5th- L.100 Gengar 6th- L.100 Haunter
Jonathan Enos Venusaur level/71 Blatoise level/71 Gengar level/73 Charizard level/71 Mew level/72
K. Cat lvl 100 Dugtrio lvl 100 Haunter lvl 100 Pidgeot lvl 100 Charizard lvl 100 Vileplum lvl 100 Articuno
Bryn Hoffman Level 81 (Blastois) Level 34 (Snorlax) Level 30 (Pidgeotto) Level 24 (Pikachu) Level 18 (Sandshrew)  LAPRAS:Level 15 (Lapras)
Omid Ensafi Blastoise,Pigeot,Kadabra,Machamp,Lapras and Jolteon; L72,L52,L48,L60,L65,L46.
R.M. lv.88 venasaur, a lv.36 cloyster, a lv. 32 omunite, a lv . 51 zapdos, a lv. 53 articuno, and a lv. 37 butterfree.
Ed Obendrauf vileplume lv.49 charizard lv.49 gangaskan lv.49 gyarodos lv.48 kadrabra lv.50 articuno lv.52
Steve Cheung Pikachu - Level 58 * Vulpix - Level 54 * Squirtle - Level 57 Pidgey - Level 52 * Articuno - Level 51* Staryu - Level 42 *
Dylan Level 100 Charizard* that I trained from the beginning, A Level 56 Chansey to heal my Charizard* A Level 68 Raichu to kill Gary's Blastoise** A Level 47 Gengar to fight Bruno (HE CANT EVEN TOUCH YOU!!) A Level _ ****** to gain it's levels*** A Snorlax for the hell of having Snorlax!
Steven Csuth Zapdos -- lv. 55  Dragonair -- lv. 45  Hypno -- lv. 45   Blastoise -- lv. 45  Alakazam -- lv. 51  Moltres -- lv. 50
brian chiu dragonite   lvl 67  Venusaur lvl 58   zapdos  lvl 54 articuno lvl 55  moltres  lvl 58   Gyrados     lvl 60
CodyS12 L68 Gyarados, L70 Farfetch'd, L56 Zapdos, L58 Articuno, L52 Moltres, and a L76 Charizard.
RCHOKESLAM L. 80 charizard , L. 63 sandslash , L. 64 dragonite , L. 63 gyrados , L. 50 raichu
j.w. blastoise l:100 charizard l:100 venasaur l:100 zapados l:100 moltres l:100 articcuno l:100 -     I didn't use a game shark I used the viridean city man trick
b.makemson Venusaur, Vaporeon, Misingno., Raichu, Moltres, and Dragonite. Thier levels were 78, 70, 83, 65, 57, 75
Robin Dude Alakazam: 57, Arcanine: 51, Articuno: 54, Dragonite: 55, Gyrados: 52, Victreebel: 54
Jim5005134 1.Blastoise2.Hypno3.Moltres4.Raichu5.Dragonite6.Jynx
Jordan S. Charizard level 79, licketung level 39, articuno level 51, seaking level 23, arcanine level 32 and marowak level 43.
Kenny Latham Blastoise at 60, Articuno at 58, Zapdos at 58, Muk at 41, Moltres at 51 and Golbat at 42. 
Stinky534 Blastoise  78 Beedrill    45 Butterfree  47 Articuno    66 Hitmonlee  57 Marcel ( Mr. Mime )   45
Hobbes Charizard,L.75*Wigglytuff, L.15*Bellsprout,L.18* Pidgeotto,L.30*Lapras,L.16*and Onix,L.17.
raarar raticate - lv 50 weezing - lv 51 golduck - lv 45 graveler - lv 52 charizard - lv 50 mr mime. - lv 62
UltraNorn Mewtwo-lv. 100 Gengar-lv. 65 Blastoise-lv. 100 Farfecht'd-lv. 100 Alakazam-lv. 61 Nidoking-lv. 100
Kevin Williams Dragonite lvl 58 Kabutops lvl 52 Ninetales lvl 47 Alakazam lvl 46 Raichu lvl 43 Chansey lvl 25---best Pokémon ever!
Thor Raichu/38    Golem/37   Gengar/38   Hypno/38   Charizard/40       Blastoise/48
Ever8Young To beat the Elite Four in the Gameboy game of Pokemon, I used a Blastoise, a Charizard, a Venusuar, and an Articuno. They were all at level 100, since i used a rare candy code on all of them.
Alex Graveler-L75 Pidgeot-L80 Poliwrath-L90 Clefable-L100 Rapidash-L100 Venusaur-L100
christine tuxbury blastoise lv.63, pidgeot lv.40, beedrill lv.37, butterfree lv.40, raichu lv.39, abra lv.5
Ciara Blastoise - 68   -water gun at this level usually wipes them out in one shot, great with ice beam Butterfree - 54   -awsome poisonpowder and whirlwind Articuno - 57  -sky attack is killer Jynx - 34   -metronome for fun.  ;) Pikachu - 31  - thunderbolt works great on water pokes. Clefairy - 21    - 2put them to sleep
Chris Davis Charizard L 76 Mewtwo L 70 farfeched L 53 Marowak L 63 Muk L 51 Dodrio L 57
Alek Konopnicki Charizard, 100;Blastoise, 100;Moltres, 100;Venusaur, 100;Onix, 60; Mr. Mime, 100
baltboy21234 Charizard L100, Blastoise L100, Venusaur L100, Mew L100, Mewtwo L100, and Gengar L100 Tip Bring out Gengar or any ghost against Brono!
Austin1088 blastoise level 76 riachu level 54 sandslash level 54 zapdos level 70 gengar level 60 gyarados level 58
Steven Ferrier level 100 - snorlax level 60  - articuno level 60  - zapdos level 62  - moltres level 60  - charizard level 55  - dragonite i duplicated rare candy to rase their levels and duplicated the master ball to catch the ledgendary birds        
pikapower52 Articuno L.71 Pidgeot L.70 Blastoise L.70 Moltres L.69 Snorlax L.76 Zapdos  L.70  to beat the elite four
Avi D. Blastoise-100, Hitmonlee-96, Dragonite-80, Mewtwo-92, Vileplume-81, Zapdos-88
Comm12 I used these guys at level 100, but they can be lower. They are not just for elite four, but can be used as a great team. There is a super effective against just about all pokemon in the game: Zapdos-Good for: Lorelei, Gary's Pidgeot, his water choice, and if he has charizard. Rhydon(with ground TM earthquake and rock TM rockslide)-Good for Agatha, Bruno's onixes, Gary's Pidgeot, his fire choice,  any electrics, etc. Lapras-(much better than blastoise, teach him blizzard and surf you have two water and two ice, really good) good against Bruno, any birds, and of course fire. Charizard-Flamethrower is his only good learned move, so teach him dig, seismic toss if he's a high level, and mine has cut. Good for Lorelei's Jynx, Gary's grass, and many others.Venasaur-teach him toxic, it's a killer. Good for Bruno, Lorelei, Gary's water, and others. Beedrill-Good for Agatha, Gary's alakazam, his grass, any other psychics or ghosts
Danny-Goldarch lv.100-charizardlv.100-mewlv.100-vitreebel lv.100-vaporeonlv.100-dugtriolv.100-raichu
Punko It took me a week to get to and beat the Elite four. My name is Punko and I beat the Elite for with Charizard-62, Sailor-56, Kingler-45, Articuno-56, Nidoqueen-54, Dux-42.
Michael Boger My L.87 charizard beat the not-so-elite 5, but also along for the ride were L.55 dragonite L.50 zapdos L.50 articuno L.50 moltres L.42 machoke
PokeMan505 level 84 charizard       level 52 articuno       level 33 aerodactyl    level 41 seadra   level 42 graveler level 26  kadabra 

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