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'Shiny' Pokemon


Today I will clear the "mystery" of the so-called Shiny Pokemon.

How did this Shiny Pokemon question begin? Easy, if you have read Ron's journal and looked around the net, you should be aware of the Shiny Gyarados swimming North of Chojou. First, the Shiny Gyarados is NOT a legendary Pokemon! It is NOT a new Pokemon. It is NOT the most powerful water Pokemon.


Well, what is it then? Where can you get one? The answer is simple, Shiny Pokemon are VERY RARE. But they are not just rare, they are stronger than the average Pokemon. If you look closely, you'll notice that all Shiny Pokemon have three (3) plus signs (+) next to their gender. The plus signs stand for "stronger Pokemon." It just happens that there are more than one 'Shiny' Pokemon. I have the Gyarados and an Oddish I caught near Vermilion.

Shiny Pokemon can appear anytime, anywhere and when put into battle they sparkle once before attacking. Other Shiny Pokemon, reported from around the internet; Rhyhorn, Itomaru, Nidoran (M), Meowth, Onix, How many can you find?!


- Lugia






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