Lugia busts those nasty...

Pokemon Gold/Silver Rumors 


Rumor #1: Serebii appears in Shirogane Mountain. 
Answer: Serebii does not appear in Shirogane Mountain. 
I have tested this, I've been training HOURS and HOURS in Shirogane Mountain, with no result (except for a few high level pokemon,lol.) 

Rumor #2: HM 08 and Hm 09. 
Answer: Whoever made that up has some good imagination. Those things don't exist at all, so stop asking me about where they are. 

Rumor #3: You can catch Mew in Gold & Silver! 
Answer: No you can't. I've said this countless times. 

Rumor #4: Pokemon #252, Serebii's evolution. 
Answer: This one's new! I got this thing on my one of my e-mails. Serebii's EVOLUTION? Please! Stop coming up with these things! 

Rumor #5: Win a radio contest to get a Masterball. 
Answer: I've tried. No luck. Doesn't work. Enough said. 


(Pojo Note:  I've had a lot of people email me, and tell me that rumor #5 isn't really a rumor ... Here's one such explanation:

If ALL FIVE of ANY of your pokemon's ID NUMBERS matches the Lucky Channel Show's numbers, you win a Master Ball.

The odds of winning a Master Ball for ONE ID NUMBER are:

1 in 100,000 - Explanation of Probability:

ID # 1     times     ID# 2   times    ID# 3    times    ID# 4    times    ID# 5

10                       10                   10                    10                    10

possible               possible          possible            possible           possible

numbers              numbers          numbers            numbers          numbers


- Lori C.)

Rumor #6: Evolve Eevee into Burakki/Eefi with the Sun Stone. 
Answer: Not true. Eevee evolves into Burakki during the night and EEfi during the day. 

(note: the following rumors were fielded by guest rumor buster,
Rumor #7: Chansey's (or Hapinasu's) Egg hatches into Togepi
Answer: These Pokemon are not related by evolution. In Gold/Silver you will have the option to sort your Pokedex by Evolution. These Pokemon do not appear next to each other, so they do not evolve from each other. Additionally, look at Chansey's egg. It lacks the coloration and design of Togepi's.

Rumor #8: Mew evolves into... Charizard evolves into... etc...
Answer: There are NO new evolutions of Mewtwo or Mew. There are NO evolutions of the Legendary Birds. There are NO Pokemon with 'Stage 3' evolutions.



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