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Pokemon Board Game by Hasbro

On your quest, travel from Pallet Town to Indigo Plateau, battling and defeating every other trainer you meet on the way. You'll search for rare Pokémon in the Unknown Dungeon, and use Poké Balls to catch ’em. Special cards will quickly change your fate. Catch an entire Pokémon Evolution Group for maximum Attack Strength. When you catch the ultimate Pokémon team and beat a Pokémon Master, you’ll be the new Master Trainer!  


Pokemon Key Chain Set

Wow, Check this out!  Amazon.com is now carrying Pokémon keychains.  This set includes Pikachu, Ivysaur, Blastoise, Charmeleon, and Poliwhirl. Cost is $24.99.  Not too bad I guess.  That average out to $5 per keychain.  Good stocking stuffers. 

Pokemon Mini Forest Playset by Hasbro

The Pokémon Forest Adventure includes Pikachu and  Oddish frolicking in a swinging hammock, hiding in the hillside, and a magic spin tree stump.  

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