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 Shaman King Legacy of the Spirits Sprinting Wolf
March 14, 2005 by AnimeFan Colin
Last night i decided to buy the new Shaman King Legacy of the Spirits Sprinting Wolf Game Boy Advance game despite mixed reviews. Really despite the poor graphics which can be expected on the GBA and that the game has a lot of text it is a really good game!

The Story Line follows the Anime with some extra stuff added on (training and sub-missions) and uses the Pokemon style Battle/Capture game play.

Basically you are fighting your way through the Shaman Tournament as Y˘h Asakura and capturing rouge Spirits in Monument Tablets. There are many spirits you can collect and you can fuse two in the ancient artifact to make new and more powerful spirits! As spirits level up they learn stronger attacks that will help bring down your enemy faster!

One thing i don't like about this game is the fact that you can only have 20 spirits at a time! I had to part with many cool looking spirits to make room for things i could fuse! Another thing i don't like is that, like Pokemon once your favorite spirit like Amdimaru or Spirit of Fire get stronger they instantly kill a creature you want to capture! You have to go through your party and find a spirit that is a low level but high enough that it will not die! This is hard if you only spend time leveling up a few spirits!

Ratings( max 5*):

Game play-**** (If you like Pokemon chances are you will like this game)

Speed-** (Lots of text and sub/training missions that slow down the story)

Graphics-*** (The graphics you would expect form the GBA)

Battle-**** (Awesome spirits but lack of battle animations brings the rating

Over All- ***.5/***** (half star not possible)

Verdict: If You Like Pokemon And Shaman King Check This Game Out!

Review By AnimeFan Colin

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