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Tournament Reports

Here's the spot where we post Tourney Reports from Shaman King fans. 

  • Tournament Reports from 2005

Want to contribute a Tournament Report?  Please Follow these Rules: It really helps us out!

  1. The subject line of your email should include your deck name, event name and your name ... example:  "Subject: Shaman King Slam - by Jim Slim - Butchy's Comics, San Diego" - This is what readers will see when they click on the link to read your report. 

  2. Reports should be from organized tournaments only, which are open to the public. Tourneys at friends houses do not count as a large-scale tourney, as the world at large is usually not invited.

  3. All reports should include a header at the TOP of your report which includes:   Deck Name, Your Name, Location of Tournament, City and State of tournament.  Also include the Date of the tournament in your header, and it's great if you include the # of people that participated. This gives your report some respect.  Be honest. 

  4. List all cards in your deck and tell us the tournament results.   Even if your deck does bad .. write a detailed report if you want, everyone will still learn from it, and may recommend good changes for you.   Try to tell us the types of decks you faced each round.  Simply saying, "I won" each round, or even worse, saying things like "my deck just dominated all day" instead of giving details is a sure way for your report to NOT get posted.  And please don't fake a deck list.. If you don't want people to know what's in your deck, then don't bother sending it to us.

  5. Provide your name & e-mail address at the bottom of your report, so other readers can contact you.  

  6. Do not use all capital letters in your report.  Yes, I know sometimes you need to put a word, or even an entire sentence in all caps to signify it being important, but if you entire deck listing or entire report is all caps, it will be discarded.

  7. Usse an Speel Cheknig deviss.  Seriously, misspelled words could cause people to misinterpret your report, and in the process, misjudge you too.  It's a quick and painless way to improve the quality of your report. If you don't have a spell checking feature where you create your report, you can always access this free online spell checker, http://www.spellcheck.net  Thanks a bunch!!

Send them to us here.


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