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The WackyNess Of Matti Deck's - austin cooper

hallo fellow pojo viewers this is hallowslash2000 coming live from yahoo.com otherwise known as the pumpkin king on pojo anyways today iam going to talk about the crazyness of matti decks and why i think there so great

#1-free sig moves:who would not want some free moves? i mean all of her moves are free guess that makes up for her weak spectergram(baby step's)

#2-zeke teamworks are a bit good(currently iam trying to test out matti zeke and mari but so far everyone tells me mari is trash but once i get threw with the testing then i will e-mail a article about the zeke teamworks)

#3-her moves kick major butt i mean pumpkin dumpkin makes you're opponent panic like crazy and halloween rip/trick or treat trashs all teh advantages you're opponent put on the board its just so nuts well folks thats all the time i have now so until i finish my teamwork article may the force be with you!

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