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Episode Guide
Season 1 - Episode 50
Hearts of Darkness

Summary: Episode 50
Summary by: BeBe -- 13 year old Shaman king girl!!!!!!!!

Ren was resting in the hot tub/spring/thing at Pache Cafe. He was glad to finally have some peace until he looks over to find Trey resting beside him! And when Choco gets everyone wet the shamans are furious but none more than Ren. He had enough so
He gets out, only to be met by Silva, who has bad news. He tells Ren the official that Ren had to strike in order to qualify for the tournament died or something! Ren struck him with a fatal blow through the stomach. Although Choco and Trey are clueless as to whats going on, Ren says it wasnt his fault, and walks away. Trey and Choco pursue him into a room, where they attempt to interrogate him. Ren remains silent so Bason retells of what happened, says Ren has been seeing haunting ghosts ever since. Ren, furious, attacks Bason and insists he HAS NOT been seeing ghosts. Then he flips out destroying the room and attackin the others repeating,why cant they leave me alone,refering toward the ghost of the official. He starts crying and then passes out. Trey and Choco are very shocked at what they just saw and want to help ren. Trey brings him to a girl with healing pwers theyve heard about while Choco covers it up because Ren told them not to tell the others, escpecially yoh. Trey comes back and has a odd blank look n his face. Clearly, something has happened. He starts rambling how he is so jelous of yoh right to his face! He proceeds to attack yoh until anna and Choco step in. Chocolove bringws him to the girl and demands to know what she did to his friends. She says she showed them the darkness in thier heart. Ren wakes up from a platform nearby. Later it turns out the girlsteam is their next opponent1 So, they fight. Ren is weak, and rests againt Choco. Trey has turned on them under the spell of the girl. I think her name was Mari. Its up to Choco to win. The others watch from a nearby cliff. Ren does oversoul, but it appears he is fighting himself, as yoh points out. But yoh also admits rens oversoul impresses him. :)) Meanwhile, Mari tries to force Choco to admit he isnt funny, and mocks his insecure thoughts. Then Choco comes up with his best joke yet. When Mari says he really gets her ghost, Choco replies, and your cruel singing really gets MY ghost---dancing!
Then he does oversoul with mick and makes Mick dance! Shake it, Mick he says, shake what yo mama gave ya! Shake it shake your booty! Everybody burst out laughing, even lyserg who has come to watch, and Trey and Ren have smiles on their face. That breaks Maris spell. So much for not wanting to make a fool of hiself, says ren. All three then enililate her teammates, and find out they are just wooden dummies! Her team is disqualified, and Mari turns away. Team ren is baffled. Ren says, why didnt u find real teammates? Would no one fight with you? Then Mari almost cries, and Trey Ren and Choco feel sympathy for her. Thats her darkness, says choco, she cant make friends. At the end they all become friends and Rio even hasd a crush on her1

the end. 

compliments of BeBe--13 year old Shaman king girl!!!!!!!!


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