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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day

Invulnerability of the Leaf

Type - Soul
Card Number - REI-134

Card Ratings
Tournament- 3.66
Casual- 4.75
Sealed- 4.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.23.05


Dan The

Invulnerability of the Leaf
Type: Soul
Cost: 0/2/0
Effect: You are now defending in your green zone.

Today we look at another card in a line of brother cards. IotL is the big brother of Center. Personally I like Center more, both for game play but as well as for astetic reasons. That is to say, Center features Jinni (I believe thats her english name), Jun's ninja themed doushi cousin. Anyway to be quite honest when the game first came out I saw IotL in pretty much every soul deck but now adays outside of trey decks for the theme I don't see it too much anymore. Why is that? Should people take a second look at this card, lets look:

- Zone Charge
- More or less resets your turn from the start

- Only Soul users can use it
- Quite expensive at 2 yellow
- Could potentially do nothing more then let you charge and reflip if played in your green zone.
- Must be used in your red zone to get the most of its effect.

Overview: The card is pretty simple. You play it and then suddenly you find yourself in your green zone. If you were in your green zone then nothing but a zone charge really occured, but if played in your yellow and especially if you were in your red that can really be useful. Of course there are resulting consequences of this effect that are quite nice as well. For one if you now counter in green and you'd been in your red before your opponent just went from getting a green, yellow, and red back to just a green, thats a pretty big difference. What more lets say things still dont' go right and you focus your way back down to your red again, you just focused a green and a yellow, you nearly got the price of the IotL back but still got a zone charge and the opportunity to see 2 more cards you wouldn't have other wise. In many ways you can think of IotL as being in the same category as Focal Point or decipher the ruins, mind advantages that let you look at top cards of your deck. Only IotL has the added bonus that if you counter right away you've also denied your opponent furyoku replenishment and if you do focus down to the third card you ended up really only basically moving one of your yellows up to green as a cost. Seems pretty nice aye?

Deeper Analysis: So then why has it seen decreased play as of late. There are 2 key reasons, 1, that cost is pretty rough, often times you play IotL and then flip a card you wanted in your green zone.... but end up not having the furyoku or needing to over pay for it do to IotL tapping your out of yellow. If you constantly find yourself having to focus all the way back down to red again you haven't really gained much more then a zone charge and the chance to look at 2 cards you couldn't afford. The second key reason has to do with the fact that IotL is only really worth the price if it comes up in red. In yellow it is quite expenive for just 1 more extra flip and you'll only get a green back in focusing. In green obviously IotL is a horrible flip. Often even decks that focus on staying in green to keep their opponent from replenishing won't like this card because with them constantly staying in their green it will constantly be flipped in their green where it will obviously be either extremely expensive waste of furyoku, or require them to focus it, ruining their stratedgy. And in general its just not a good idea to go to ones red, there are a handful of decks that will go there on purpose, namely I've seen a couple body decks based around this featuring thiefs honor, thug life, and Bring It. But obviously being body they can't even use IotL if they wanted too. And for most decks red is an area you want to stay away from, red is the hardest furyoku to get as well as the most powerful, its just smart play to deny your opponent red as much as possible. Not to mention you never know when you'll get an unlucky flip in your red and take a hit.

Combos/Uses: IotL gives many matti decks fits with all their "start in your opponents yellow/red" effects, you basically negate them and get a zone charge. It also combos extremely well with joco. Play it in your red where a joco resides and then focus twice and you'll find you've actually GAINED furyoku for your trouble. A Jun Big Sister in yellow can also help make the cost less painful. Thus when I do see it used its usually been in a trey or occasionally a yoh deck. You can try it else where but I have a feeling your usually going to find your paying too much for too little too often.

Final Stat Breadown:
Constructed: 2/5 (It can be good in the right deck but most decks would probably be better off without it)
Sealed: 2/5


Today features we have Kococo, or as the Dub calls her, Corey. She is the spirit for Horohoro (Trey). As a soul spirit she doesn't speak any human language. Mostly speaks in small little grunts. Anyways let's look at "Invulnerability of the Leaf."

"Invulnerability of the Leaf" is a rare soul trait card. This advantage also costs 2 yellow furyoku. This cost a bit heavy since alot of strikes and advantages use yellow furyoku, but the effect is well worth the cost.

Her effect is Immediate, so it will be sent right to the discard pile. The effect basically states that you move to the green zone for defending. Of course this effect is great in the yellow or the red zone. If in the green, it can still be played, but the cost of 2 yellows to stay in the green zone is too heavy. This effect gives you more chances to make a big comeback. "Invulnerability of the Leaf" only opens up chances for you to make a comeback, not a guarantee.

An extra 3 chances at counterattack does sound great for only 2 yellow furyoku. If you pull one or 2 of these in sealed you should use them. If you are playing multiples of this card be careful of the yellow furyoku cost. You furyoku piles will be taking some heat if you keep using this card. Make sure you leave enough furyoku to counterattack with. If your deck can almost always counterattack, then this card isn't very useful. But if you happen to run less strikes this card can help you get a better shot at flipping one of those.

Casual: 4.5/5
Tournament: 4.5/5
Sealed: 4.8/5

Blank Zero

Name: Invulnerability of the Leaf
Number: REI_134
Cost (G/Y/R): 0/2/0
Type: Advantage
Rarity: Rare
Trait: Soul
Text: "Immediate. Instead of defending in this zone, you are now defending in your green zone."
Flavor Text: "On Trey's home island of Hokkaido live the Minutians, a tiny race of Butterbur dwellers."

Well, It's my week to pick the cards to review. And, as anyone who knows e might have guessed, I decided to go with cards that are commonly run in Yoh decks. Well, we're starting the week off with a card that really has nothing to do with Yoh; it feature's Horo Horo's...errr... Trey's spirit ally, Kororo...errr... Corey. The flavor text seems sort of... pointless. Either way, that's aside from the point. Time to look at the ins and outs of this card.

This card rocks because:
-The effect can be extremely useful.
-It can charge lower zones with minimal risk.
-It's pretty cheap.

I love this card's effect. It's extremely useful for any deck that finds itself zone dropping a lot, for either pitch effects or just unlucky flips. It has the potential to move you from the red zone up to the green zone, which is a whopping two zones higher. That's two zones your opponent doesn't get furyoku for, or it can be two extra zones to try and defend against that high force strike your opponent sent at you. The potential effect of this card is amazing.

Second off, this card gives you the standard advantage zone charge. Combined with the card's effect, you can effectively drop down to your red zone, then blast back to the green zone, getting a zone charge out of the deal. You can reach those hard-to-charge yellow and red zones, then pull out of the zone before you risk taking a hit.

That said, for what this card can accomplish, it's got a pretty low cost. One yellow for each zone you improve, from the red zone. And you get a charge out of the deal. Fun for the whole family.

This card sucks because:
-In the green zone, it's completely, utterly, and entirely useless.
-It's traited to Soul shaman.

Let's face it. If you flip this card in the green zone, you've completely wasted a flip. And two yellow's sort of a high cost just to stay in the same zone. That's why this card's only worth running if you use a deck that takes a couple of risks with low intercept strikes or pitch effects. Unless you can minimalize the odds of flipping this in the green zone, you run a good chance of letting the effect go to waste.

And, of course, it's traited to Soul shaman, so if you get it in a Sealed tourney, it's useless unless you pull a decent Soul-type shaman. Of course, most players don't even need me to explain that. I just throw it in on the off chance that someone doesn't quite understand how the trait system works yet.

DANGER! Kids, don't try these combos at home:

I've found a killer combo with this card: Jun, Big Sister in green zone, Joco, Jocular Comedian in red. Pitch for Jun's effect in green, focus in yellow; if you can flip an Invulnerability in the red zone, you just got a yellow furyoku for free. Yeah, that's sort of a complex combo with a whole lot of wishful thinking, but it can happen sometimes. Either way, a Jun in yellow can supply the entire cost for Invulnerability, and in a Joco zone, it costs the same amount as Center, the younger sibling of this card, to use DanTheTimid's sibling labels. These combos work with both Trey and Yoh, but Zeke and Jeanne get sort of short-changed on the teamwork combos, so...

For something that ANY of the Soul shaman can pull off, look at Relax. It effectively changes the cost of the card to three green, which is about on-par with the base cost of Center. Pretty good.


This card has a potentially awesome effect, for a relatively low cost. It plays fairly well in any of the soul decks, as it can combo with another popular Soul card, but it works the best in a deck that takes a lot of risks with pitching and low-intercept strikes. This makes it ideal in a Yoh deck, with Melee strikes that run the chance of not being able to defend against a large strike.The only problem, as far as I can see, is that in the green zone, it's a dead flip.

In Sealed format, if you pull Invulnerability along with any useable Soul-trait shaman, it's an absolute must to play. it can save you from a lot of bad situations. Probably strongest in Sealed format, though it still has many uses in Constructed play.


Constructed: 4.5/5
Sealed: 5/5


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