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Pojo's Shaman King TCG Card of the Day

Jeanne, Iron Maiden

Type - X-Laws
Card Number - REI-091

Card Ratings
Tournament- 2.6
Casual- 3.2
Sealed- 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale 1 being the worst. 3 ... average. 5 is the highest rating.

Date Reviewed - 05.04.05


Dan The

Jeanne, Iron Maiden
Type: X-Laws
Cost: 0/1/0
Effect: -3 Intercept --> If you counter attack from Jeanne's zone, add a yellow furyoku.
Flavor: Pain is the sole path to power.

We continue Jeanne theme week with the mistress of pain herself, atleast her teamwork anyway. Perhaps mistress isn't the best word, maybe priestess? Well in any case I'll be honest, I've always thought Jeanne got kind of screwed in the teamwork department. I'll give them that as of the first set of all the x-laws Jeanne is probably the only shaman I'd ever consider running her teamwork in.... but even there I find myself leaving it out. Why is that? Thats take a closer look:

- uh.... its.... uh.... er.... possibly a yellow gain...
- Effect has no once per turn limit....

- Kind of expensive to play costing a yellow
- Effect requires a HUGE decrease in intercept so it won't go off very often
- Only X-law Shaman can use it

Overview: Ok I'd like to start off by saying this card isn't completely horrible in a high intercept deck... its just in such a deck there are cards I'd rather be using. In anycase for the average deck -3 intercept is just insane to ask. Either you've gotta be using something with really REALLY high intercept, or facing a really REALLY small strike. Whats more with a yellow cost to play if it comes up in a zone where you've already got a teamwork you like you can't easily "tactical" it by paying not to have it. You can use its effect as much as you want... but your honestly going to be lucky to use it even once most of the time so its almost like that didn't include "once per turn" just to taunt you.

Deeper Analysis: Ok lets break down what this card really is and does. First off it costs a yellow and has an effect that can net you yellows, just like marco. Thus you could say like Marco if you use her even once you've gotten her for free and everything after that is pure profit. But heres the catch. Typically if your using this effect it means your using a strike thats intercept is much higher then that of which your facing, meaning you would be paying alot more then you needed to to stop the strike. If jeannes not there you could have just focused and hoped for a cheaper or smaller intercept strike. So your not really gaining any furyoku advantage, your just some what decreasing the risk of ending up in your red with a string of large intercepts and paying to much to block a small attack. This is still pretty good if your playing a pure huge defense deck, as many Jeanne decks are (or atleast mine is anyway, lol) BUT the catch comes in with the existence of 3 cards. Venster Punisher, Conviction, and No Quarter. All of these strikes turn your intercept into massive force gains. Unless your running a furyoku control deck your goal is usually to hit your opponent with high force strikes these cards all make use of your intercept for that goal. All Jeanne succeeds in doing is keeping your payments reasonable. To me large force boosts are more valuable I'm not opposed to running jeanne as well, I did it myself for a while, but I ended up finding I prefered to have marco and even duncan who didn't have anything to do with intercept as I had enough cards already manipulating my intercept and marcos effect, even in a high intercept deck, just tending to go off much more then jeannes. Whats more he had that cheap cost to play that jeanne so sorelly lacks. Oh and lets not forget that her effect doesn't kick in until after you pay for the strike so you may find yourself over paying yellows with reds and then having her get you a yellow back, not really a good trade off...

Combos/Uses: Ok enough card bashing. She combos well with surgeon's Implements (you can block as high as a 5 force and assuming you had 2 yellow to begin with it will only cost you a 1 yellow), Smoldering Confidence (One of the few cards where you may actually be able to make use if the fact its not limited to once per turn assuming your facing a force of 4 or less), Mob Mentality (dependant on your opponent having alot of teamworks but could be nice), theres also Furious response and well you get the idea, basically any of the 8 intercept strikes. You might get lucky with a 7 intercept, but any lower then that and your relying on your opponent to send small forces at you to pull off the effect. I never like to rely on my opponent to do anything to be honest.

Final Stat Breadown:
Constructed: 2/5 (Not completely horrible, but even in the one type of deck she is decent in I believe there are just better options for how to make use of ones extra intercept)
Sealed: 1/5 (Yuck, almost all of the big intercepts are uncommon or rare so its very unlikely your going to get much use out of the effect here. I guess your more likely to run into fetish frenzy and bone armies though.... still I'd stay away)

Final Note: It pains me to see Jeanne be so poorly represented.... hmmm, by her logic that means I've gained power, sweet!


Iron Maiden Jeanne, that is her full name. Iron Maiden is from the torture devise that she is in in her teamwork named "Jeanne; Iron Maiden." The iron maiden in history is built with thousands of needles or thorns. The slightest movements could easily pierce a person's skin. Old medieval torture, I believe. Jeanne's various other oversouls also continue cruel torture devises, such as a chair of needles. Now, let's see if this card is as tough as Jeanne is?

Trait limitations limit this card too X-Laws only decks. That only leaves you with 3 shamans at this point of the game, so your options are limited. Also her card cost is 1 yellow furyoku. Her effect is reusable, so this price is very fair.

Her effect is as follows; "-3 Intercept >>> If you counterattack from Jeanne's zone, add a yellow furyoku." If your opponent sends a weak force at you, then you have the option to pay back the cost of Jeanne. There's that "O" word, option. Of course you are only going to use this effect if your intercept is +3 higher than your opponent. Remember you can still counter even if your intercept is equal to your opponent's force. Use this card effect once and your broke even, use more then it's all profit. A great counter against yellow furyoku control decks. The problem is that your opponent won't always be sending you 2 force strikes. So you may need
support to raise your intercepts only to lower them with Jeanne's effect. But you will need to pay for the advantage so the yellow you would gain would be "spent" on that. Basically, wasting your whole turn. That's a major disadvantage of this card.

"Jeanne; Iron Maiden" would be great in an X-Laws deck that was completely supported by high intercept strikes. But just high intercepts don't make a good deck. I could see this card have more use in a Tournament area since it could counter a yellow control deck. Not worth drafting this card in Sealed, since it's a rare, and the whole deck needs high intercepts. Casual could also be a little useful if you are running low on Yellow Furyoku.

Casual: 2.7/5
Tournament: 2.8/5
Sealed: 1/5


Jeanne, Iron Maiden

Teamwork: X-Laws

Cost: 1Y

Effect: -3 Intercept >> If you counterattack from Jeanne’s zone, add a yellow furyoku.



The best way the X-Laws teamwork set has ever been explained to me is “not allowing your excess stats to go waste.” In today’s case we examine one of the main X-Law teamworks, Jeanne.



-Turns excess intercept into furyoku, which according to recent polls is a good thing

-Pretty cheap for its effect



-Three Intercept is often too much to work



So, what’s the deal with Jeanne, Iron Maiden?

One yellow to bring her into play is a moderate cost, but ideally she’ll pay for herself over and over again. The only problem is having enough intercept to make her effect work. The good thing is she’s a teamwork, which means she’ll stay in play until you need her effect. The bad news is you’ll need at least eight intercept to gain her effect and still be able to counterattack.


How am I supposed to use this card?

This is fairly simple. “Jeanne, Iron Maiden” is the best way to cut your losses. You may have just paid a green and a red for that “Jaded Sphere” but at least you gained a yellow. A major part of the game isn’t just about gaining furyoku, it’s being able to keep a fair amount of it on hand, and make cards less expensive. I’d spend one green and one yellow net furyoku on my “Point Blank” if I could, and “Jeanne, Iron Maiden” allows that to happen with her gain.


Rate it already!

Constructed Tournament Play: 2.8-2.9/5 (Too situational)

Casual Play: 3.5/5 (Give it a try, Johnny, it should be fun to pull off)

Sealed Tournament Play: 1/5 (Intercept cost is too high to make worth while)


When it comes down to it three intercept is just too much to pay. If you can pull her off consistently it can be worth while, but when it comes down to it there are other X-Laws who can be more worthy of your teamwork slot than Jeanne, Iron Maiden if you intend to use them.


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